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What is the best Welding Lens and Shade Number for Aluminum Welding

SHOP WELDING LENSES SHOP WELDING LENSES SHOP WELDING LENSES Welding can cause serious damage to your eyes. So whether it’s the bright flashing lights or the intensely hot sparks coming off of it, you want to be able to use the right kind of protective equipment. That’s where welding glasses or welding goggles become extremely useful as a form of protection. But getting the right pair of welding goggles comes from knowing what type of metal you’ll be working with.  This will help you determine what type of welding shade you need. According to OSHA guidelines, they always mention going

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Understanding the Differences Between Welding Glasses Shades

SHOP WELDING GLASSES SHOP WELDING GLASSES When it comes to welding safety glasses, not just any type of lens will do. The right shade and color are essential to ensure proper protection for the welder’s eyes and face. This is because intense light and heat are produced during welding.  Welding glass is a specialized type of glass that is designed to protect the welder’s eyes and face from the intense light and heat generated during the welding process. The level of protection provided by welding glass depends on the shade of the glass. The darker the shades of the lens,

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Why are gold welding lenses the best?

SHOP GOLD WELDING LENS SHOP GOLD WELDING LENSES Those that are looking for the best option for welding lenses should go for a gold lens welding option. These lenses are known to be best for welding for many reasons. That doesn’t mean other welding lenses are a poor option; it just means those looking for the top should go with this option.  The benefits of gold lens FOR welding The first benefit many will notice is how they actually help to improve visibility. They tend to be at the highest shade, ranging from ratings 9 to 14, but even so,

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Choosing Welding Lenses Made Easy

SHOP WELDING LENS SHOP WELDING LENS Phillips Safety offers an extensive selection of high-quality welding lenses to suit most welding applications. We provide not only a variety when it comes to the filter options of our welding lenses, but in the sizes and shapes.  Our welding lenses include cobalt blue and athermal green lenses, which can be purchased as welding glasses. Besides these, our selection also contains alloweld lens, clear glass cover lens, gold welding lens, super blue drop in lens, super magenta drop in lens, and welding magnifier lens. Here we offer flat lenses for goggles, helmets, and masks in standard sizes and shades. We also have standard welding shades with

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A Closer Look at Glass and Polycarbonate Welding Lenses

SHOP WELDING LENSES SHOP WELDING LENSES SHOP WELDING LENSES Alongside the traditional glass lenses, in recent years polycarbonate has emerged as an alternative material for welding lenses. However, there are distinct differences between these two materials. Both glass and polycarbonate are highly effective at providing protection during welding, and neither can be considered outdated or inferior to the other. Ultimately, the decision of which material to choose will depend on personal preference. If you haven’t compared glass and polycarbonate welding lenses before, it’s worth noting some significant differences between them. Unlike glass, polycarbonate is typically not available in flat welding

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Welding with Contact Lenses

I’m not supposed to wear my contacts for certain things… is it safe to weld with contact lenses? Contact Lenses and Welding There are occupations where contact lenses are not recommended, such as woodworking, fine metal grinding, and other industries where dust particles are likely to get into your eyes. During welding, however it is perfectly safe to wear contact lenses, provided you are wearing the proper safety equipment.We recommend that you wear a pair of ANSI Z87 approved safety glasses under your hood if you are welding with contact lenses. If you are wearing goggles, they should be enough

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Auto Darkening Vs Passive

Wondering what kind of welding eye protection to get? Auto Darkening Vs Passive What is the difference between auto darkening and passive welding lenses?The obvious difference is that auto-darkening welding lenses get dark as soon as you start your torch and turn clearer when the torch isn’t in use, while passive lenses are made of a colored glass and don’t change colors.There are positives and negatives to both types of eyewear. Auto-darkening lenses are obviously more convenient than standard passive glass welding lenses. While wearing auto darkening lenses, you do not need to take your helmet off to see your

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Gold-Coated – The Gold Standard of Welding Lenses

  Many activities call for the use of proper eye protection. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in welding. In dealing with flying sparks, bits of molten slag jumping up from the work area, and the intensely bright light of the arc, welders need to protect their eyes from both debris and damaging radiation. Gold-Coating on Welding Lenses Welding helmets cover your face and provide eye protection by utilizing special protective lenses. As in the eyeglass industry, lenses are available in both plastic and glass. And just as some sunglasses are tinted to absorb light and others mirrored or polarized

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2 x 4 1/4 Welding Lens with Gold Coating

This entry was posted on October 29, 2013, by Kieran Hunt. Need a small lens for your welding helmet? Gold-Coated Welding Lens: 2 x 4¼ We are proud to offer some of the highest-quality optical rated glass welding lenses on the market, and our 2 x 4 1/4″ Welding Lens with Gold Coating is no different. These welding lenses come in a variety of shades from 9 to 14 and are used in several types of welding. The gold coating allows these lenses to reflect much of the ambient heat coming off of your torch and work as well as blocking the harmful IR

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