Laser/Radiation Combination Glasses

Phillips Safety’s Radiation Laser Combo Glasses are essential for doctors, nurses, and technicians involved in medical procedures where laser and live fluoroscopy are used simultaneously. These include a range of practices in interventional radiology and various surgical fields, where the precision of laser technology is combined with the real-time imaging capabilities of fluoroscopy. Common procedures benefiting from these technologies and where our glasses are crucial include:

  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD): A minimally invasive method to treat herniated spinal discs, using fluoroscopy for guidance and a laser to vaporize disc material.
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) for Varicose Veins: Involves inserting a laser fiber into varicose veins under ultrasound guidance, with fluoroscopy ensuring correct placement before closing the vein.
  • Vascular Interventions: Procedures like angioplasty and stent placements, where lasers assist in removing blockages, and fluoroscopy provides necessary imaging guidance.
  • Urological Procedures: Uses laser technology to break up kidney stones or remove tumors, with fluoroscopy ensuring targeted treatment.
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Procedures involving the removal of bone spurs or soft tissue, using laser technology for precision, supported by fluoroscopic imaging.
  • Neurosurgery: Includes treatments for tumors or vascular malformations, with lasers providing accuracy and fluoroscopy guiding the process.
  • Gastrointestinal Procedures: Utilizes lasers for removing polyps or tumors, with fluoroscopy providing live, accurate imaging for laser placement.
  • Interventional Pain Management: Laser technology is used for precise nerve targeting in pain relief procedures, with fluoroscopy ensuring proper alignment.

In each of these procedures, Phillips Safety Radiation Laser Combo Glasses provide vital protection, ensuring the safety and clarity of vision for medical professionals.


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FEATURES OD 6+ 190nm-349nm VLT = 64% .75mm PB Equivalency Lead Protection
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FEATURES OD 4+@870-950nm OD 5+@950-1000nm OD 7+ @1000-1550nm OD 4+@1550-2750nm OD 6+ @2800-11,00nm VLT = 75% CE CERTIFIED LENS .75mm PB Equivalency Lead Protection
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FEATURES OD 7+ @700-1200nm VLT = 64% CE CERTIFIED LENS .75mm PB Equivalency Lead Protection
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