Post: What is the difference between didymium glasses and welding glasses?

What is the difference between didymium glasses and welding glasses?

Didymium glasses and welding glasses serve different purposes and provide various types of protection.


Didymium glasses, also known as glassblowing or lampworking glasses, are specifically designed for individuals working with hot glass or flames, such as glassblowers and lampworkers. They protect against sodium flare, the intense yellow-orange light emitted by hot glass. Didymium lenses filter out this light, improving color perception and reducing eye strain. They are not designed for protection against intense UV or infrared radiation typically associated with welding.


Welding glasses, also known as welding goggles or welding shields, are designed for individuals engaged in welding and other similar tasks. They protect against intense UV and infrared radiation generated during welding processes. Welding glasses have specialized lenses that filter out harmful radiation and provide dark tinting to shield the eyes from bright welding arcs and sparks.

It is important to note that welding glasses are unsuitable for glassblowing or lampworking as they do not offer sufficient protection against sodium flare. Similarly, didymium glasses may not provide adequate protection against the intense UV and infrared radiation encountered during welding.

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