Medical Safety

Prism Glasses: A Must-Have for Your Bucket List

SHOP PRISM GLASSES SHOP PRISM GLASSES Have you ever heard of Prism Glasses? Also known as MRI Glasses, these innovative glasses utilize the same principle as a periscope, using a prism mirror to reflect an image and invert it so that it appears right-side-up to the viewer. The prism mirrors are mounted on the glasses’ frames, allowing the wearer to see clearly at a 90-degree angle. Prism glasses are perfect for anyone who suffers from mobility limitations, back issues or wants to prevent neck and eye strain. They are an affordable and proactive method to prevent neck cramps and back

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Elevate Patient Care: Enhancing Mobility with Cutting-Edge Transfer Boards

SHOP PATIENT TRANSFER BOARDS Patient transfer boards have quickly become indispensable equipment in the medical field, revolutionizing the way patients are moved from one surface to another. With minimal effort required from the medical team, these boards significantly reduce the risk of injury or trauma to both patients and medical professionals involved in the transfer process. While patient transfers may seem like short distances, the choice of a top-of-the-line transfer board can make all the difference in simplifying the job. When selecting a patient transfer board for your medical practice or hospital, it’s crucial to consider more than just basic

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