Super Blue Drop In Lens

Super Blue Drop-In Welding Lens is a breakthrough drop-in welding lens that is used along with your regular welding lens. Made of polycarbonate, it blocks the yellow/orange line of the visible spectrum (589-600nm), improving your clarity of vision by greatly reducing the brightness of the arc and eliminating yellow flare.

Two out of the three kinds of wave energies that you must protect against when welding are blocked by standard green lenses: the invisible yet harmful Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR). However, the bright and painful Visible Light wave spectrum is not fully eliminated by standard green welding filters, and that’s where the Super Blue Drop-In works great, providing a safe and improved resulting view.

Attention: Do not use this as a stand alone lens. Permanent eye damage can and most likely will occur if used alone!


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Super Blue Drop-In Welding Lens | Small 2 x 4.25

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Super Blue Drop-In Welding Lens | Small 2 x 4.25