About Us

Phillips Safety is an American family company that has been in the optical business for over a century. Our story started in 1905, when we began producing Glasses for Bausch & Lomb. Nine years later, in 1914, Phillips Lens was founded in the basement of our grandfather’s home in Rochester, New York.

At that time, the company reworked the lenses that Bausch & Lomb rejected due to production errors and sold them back to them. In 1916, however, the ultex lens went off-patent, so the company moved to Middlesex, New Jersey. Then, we started producing ultex bifocals and selling them to optical labs for prescription lenses.

Glass safety glasses offer several key advantages that make them stand out as a top choice for eye protectionIn the next decades, from 1916 to 2000, Phillips Safety focused on making optical lenses for the military, semi-finished lenses for optical labs to make into prescription glasses, and producing sunglass lenses and specialty bifocal lenses. In 2001, however, our focus changed.

Starting in 2001, we moved out of the optical manufacturing business and entered the occupational safety market business, serving clients in the laser, radiation, glassworking, and other safety markets. Soon after, in 2003, we established RX Safety as a division of Phillips Safety, with the company producing the RX Safety line and distributing, both wholesale and retail, prescription safety glasses for the military and other safety markets.

Due to a growing demand for our products and a lack of space, in 2006 we moved to a new location in Middlesex County, New Jersey, where we have been established ever since. More specifically, you can find us at 271 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, New Jersey.

Nowadays, Phillips Safety is run by both Robert and Ryan Phillips. Robert Phillips, the company’s president, has been in the optical manufacturing business since 1968. Ryan Phillips, the vice-president, has worked in the optical industry since 1996, after graduating from Monmouth University.

Focus on making optical lenses for the military, semi-finished lenses for optical labs, and producing sunglass and specialty bifocal lenses.


Transitioned from optical manufacturing to occupational safety, serving laser, radiation, glassworking, and other safety sectors.


Dedicated to producing high-quality safety products with a mission to protect people in diverse work environments.


Amongst other important machinery, Phillips Safety has a top quality Computer Numeric Control edging facility, where we produce the highest quality frames. Our CNC generator ensures a high level of accuracy and efficiency and can produce both spherical and aspheric lenses.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

At the center of our high-quality products and service is our community, including Phillips Safety’s personnel and the company’s customers. Our mission is to protect people and provide security for any kind of work environment. We strive to achieve this mission by manufacturing, distributing, and servicing occupational safety glasses worldwide.

Our vision is to be the global leader in the safety market business. As a family business, and inspired by this context, Phillips Safety’s core values are family, trust, and safety. We make sure to guarantee the highest level of safety while you are performing your tasks, assuring protection to your work family and making sure that everyone gets home to their family safely.


Protect people and provide security for any kind of work environment.


To be the global leader in the safety market business.

Core values

Family, trust, and safety.

Don’t hesitate to be a part of the Phillips Safety family. Here you will find the solution for your needs, with the features and specifications that you want. If you need help or more information about our products, we are just one click away: talk to us through our chat, e-mail us at service@phillips-safety.com, or call us at 1-866-575-1307.