Post: Choosing the Right Shade for Plasma Cutting Steel and reviewing Your safety options

Choosing the Right Shade for Plasma Cutting Steel and reviewing Your safety options

When engaging in plasma cutting, one of the most crucial safety measures is protecting your eyes with the appropriate shade of lens. Plasma cutting can expose operators to intense bursts of light and UV radiation, which can cause serious eye damage if not properly shielded. At Phillips Safety Products, we offer a range of eye protection solutions tailored to meet the needs of plasma cutting professionals, ensuring safety without compromising on visibility.

Understanding Shade Numbers

The shade number of a lens indicates the level of darkness provided, which correlates to the protection offered against radiant energy during welding and cutting activities. Choosing the right shade number is vital to protect your eyes while allowing clear visibility of the workpiece. For plasma cutting steel, the recommended shade number varies depending on the amperage:

Below 20 Amps

Shade number 4

20 to 40 Amps

Shade number 5

40 to 60 Amps

Shade number 6

60 to 80 Amps

Shade number 8

Above 80 Amps

Shade number 10

These guidelines ensure that operators use a lens dark enough to prevent eye strain and damage, yet light enough to see the work clearly.

Phillips Safety's Welding Filter Plates (Shade 4-14)

Our welding filter plates are available in a range of shades from 4 to 14, making them highly versatile for various types of metalworking, including plasma cutting. These plates are designed to fit standard welding helmets and offer robust protection against UV and IR radiation. Whether you are working on low-amperage art projects or high-amperage industrial tasks, our filter plates provide the protection and clarity you need.

Universal Plastic Clip-On, Clip-Up Glasses (Shade 2-8)

For lighter plasma cutting tasks or when working in environments that require frequent transition between protection and normal vision, our universal plastic clip-on, clip-up glasses are an excellent choice. Available in shades 2 to 8, these glasses can be easily attached to your existing eyewear, providing a practical solution for varying levels of exposure. They are ideal for quick jobs or for supervisors who intermittently check on the progress of work.

IR Metal Working Glasses (Shade 2-10)

Our IR metal working glasses range from shade 2 to 10, offering flexibility for both low and moderate intensity plasma cutting. These glasses not only protect your eyes from harmful IR and UV radiation but also provide impact resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. With a comfortable fit and durable design, they are perfect for extended use in workshops and construction sites.


Selecting the right eye protection for plasma cutting is crucial for your safety and job performance. Phillips Safety Products offers a broad spectrum of protective eyewear tailored to meet the needs of this demanding task. Whether you choose our welding filter plates, clip-on glasses, or metal working glasses, you can be confident that you’re getting industry-leading protection designed with the needs of professionals in mind. Always refer to the specific requirements of your operation and ensure that your choice of shade and equipment is compliant with safety standards to maintain optimal protection while working.

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