Post: What is the best Welding Lens and Shade Number for Aluminum Welding

What is the best Welding Lens and Shade Number for Aluminum Welding

Welding can cause serious damage to your eyes. So whether it’s the bright flashing lights or the intensely hot sparks coming off of it, you want to be able to use the right kind of protective equipment. That’s where welding glasses or welding goggles become extremely useful as a form of protection. But getting the right pair of welding goggles comes from knowing what type of metal you’ll be working with. 

This will help you determine what type of welding shade you need. According to OSHA guidelines, they always mention going a shade too dark for the weld zone you’re working with. Then go with a lighter shade that gives you the right balance of being able to see while still being protected.

For example, regarding welding aluminum, you want to consider several factors, such as knowing the welding process and how intense the arc will be. 

In addition, aluminum welding depends on the amount of amperage being used. Therefore, these welding shade numbers will change between amperages such as 80-100 A should use welding shades #10, 100-180A should use welding shades #11, 180-250A should go as dark as welding shades #12, and anything above that should use shades #13.


Now that you know the various shades of welding glass, you’ll want to consider getting the right type of welding glass from us. All of our welding glass is made in Europe and pass all CE requirements and certifications. Next, we’ll discuss our larger option, which comes in at 4.5 inches by 5.25 inches. These will work well with aluminum welding. 

The first option to consider is the Green Welding Lens option. Remember to start with darker shades. Even though the Green welding lens comes with nine shades, you’ll most likely want to begin with shade #10 and above. The other options are welding shades #11, #12, and #14. It’s also quite a durable glass since it meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety ratings. Clarity comes via its HD optics.

Another highly durable option meeting CSA Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1 ratings is the Gold Welding Lens. These come naturally with darker welding shades with #9, #10, #11, #12, and #14 shade levels. Similar to the Green Welding lenses, these will also help provide optimal clarity while welding aluminum.

The final option to consider is the AlloWeld Welding lens when you’re going to do aluminum welding. These are similar to the Green Welding Lens option but can be better when looking at flare reduction and better contrast with earth metals. It’s meant to primarily reduce yellow flare and help eliminate the arc, providing another level of clarity. You can also get this in nine different shades from #4 to #14 (no #13 shade ratings). 

Keep in mind that the options above are just the lens piece and are meant to fit with specific welding masks as an excellent permanent choice for future aluminum welding work.

If you still aren’t sure which welding lenses are right for you, it’s a good idea to give us a call at 1-866-575-1307 or talk to us through our chat or e-mail us at

Our welding experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.


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