Safety Reading Glasses

Yellow Safety Glasses with Readers

Yellow-tinted lenses. Magnified lens windows, or “readers.” Safety glasses. They’re three distinct vision features and three popular options among the entire spectrum of eyewear. Let’s examine why. Yellow lenses – A yellow tint to eyeglass lenses provides protection from the sun’s rays while still offering exceptional vision. Many find that while brown or gray shades perform well at blocking out the sun, they also block out too much background detail and rob the wearer of clarity when viewing distant objects. Yellow supplies good sun blockage and preserves clarity in both the foreground and the background. It also enhances contrast and

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Where to Find Safety Glasses with Readers

Do you use prescription reading glasses to focus on print or perform any close-in tasks? If so, you likely own a few different pairs: one or two in different rooms of the house, one at work, etc. Why not? They’re readily available in just about any drug store, supermarket, or department store, they come in many commonly-used magnification strengths, and they’re low-priced alternatives to bifocals. Safety Glasses with Readers are Available One thing standard prescription readers cannot do, however, is protect your eyes in hazardous environments. If your work or leisure activities involve the potential for eye injury from accidents,

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The Multiple Benefits of Clip-On Flip-Up Magnifying Reading Glasses

If you work in a job that requires regular detailed work or reading, good vision is key. Squinting while having to read small-font instructions can lead to headaches and migraines while missing each detail on close-up work can lead to even more problems.Unfortunately, not a lot of products available on the market allow professionals to use glasses only for this type of close-up vision. Most glasses focus on a single prescription strength, which becomes a problem if you see perfectly fine otherwise.That’s where clip-on flip-up magnifying reading glasses come into play. These types of glasses actually work perfectly well for a number of

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Safety Reading Glasses are in Stock!

There’s no need to pay high prices for reading glasses in safety when you can get them here for reasonable price. Safety Reading Glasses are in Stock! Safety Reading Glasses are standard, stock power reading glasses just like you’d find in the drug store… but they’re ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses. This means you can use them at home and on the job without fear of having OSHA on your back. We have two different categories of safety reading glasses: Bifocal Safety Glasses and Safety Reading Glasses. The bifocal safety glasses are wraparound safety glasses like any other standard ones you’d

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Enhancing Worksite Safety: The Crucial Role of Occupational Safety Eyewear

SHOP SAFETY GLASSES SHOP SAFETY GLASSES SHOP SAFETY GLASSES Occupational safety eyewear holds immense importance in every workplace, just like the quality of the eyewear materials themselves. Whether your employees work in industrial or medical fields, safeguarding their eyes is crucial for accident prevention. Unfortunately, many workers find safety glasses uncomfortable, which leads to reluctance in wearing them. Additionally, finding specialized safety glasses for specific situations, such as reading or prescription needs, can be challenging. At Phillips Safety Products, we have developed a range of safety glasses that address these issues. Our safety glasses not only tackle comfort concerns but

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