Post: The Perfect Blend: Combining Vision Correction and Safety with Reading Glasses

The Perfect Blend: Combining Vision Correction and Safety with Reading Glasses

Safety reading glasses combine the familiarity of stock power reading glasses commonly found in drug stores with the added assurance of being ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses. This distinction grants you the freedom to utilize them both in your everyday activities at home and in professional environments, all without worrying about OSHA compliance. With safety reading glasses, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your eye protection meets the necessary safety standards.

Avoid the unnecessary expense of purchasing safety reading glasses at inflated prices when you can find them at Phillips Safety at a reasonable cost. We offer affordable options that provide both the necessary safety features and optimal vision correction. Don’t burden yourself with excessive costs when it comes to protecting your eyes. With our selection, you can obtain high-quality reading glasses without compromising on safety or compromising your budget.

Furthermore, we offer two distinct categories of safety reading glasses within our selection: Bifocal Safety Glasses and Safety Reading Glasses. Our bifocal safety glasses are designed as wraparound safety glasses, akin to standard options typically utilized in work environments. The unique feature of these glasses is the inclusion of a bifocal lens at the bottom, allowing for seamless transition between reading and other tasks without requiring a separate pair of glasses. On the other hand, our safety reading glasses encompass the more conventional version. These glasses resemble regular reading glasses, featuring a full lens for optimal reading clarity. Importantly, both options hold the ANSI Z87 approval, ensuring compliance with safety standards.


For those seeking the convenience of reading glasses that double as safety glasses, we have gathered some valuable information for you. Safety reading glasses offer a comfortable and lightweight option, with a diverse range of styles to cater to your frame preferences. Unlike typical drug store options, Phillips Safety’s safety reading glasses include a broader selection of strengths, accommodating even those with higher reading prescriptions. Rest assured that we have the perfect fit for your specific needs, ensuring optimal clarity and protection.

Moreover, our collection of safety reading glasses features select models that offer the convenience of removable side shields. This allows you to utilize the same pair of reading glasses both at home and in professional settings without the need for side shields, ensuring a seamless transition. Additionally, all our safety reading glasses come equipped with a protective case to ensure their safety and longevity on the job. Plus, both our safety reading glasses and bifocal safety glasses boast polycarbonate lenses, renowned as the most impact-resistant lens material currently available. Rest assured, your eyes are well-protected with this durable and reliable choice of lens material.


If you find yourself in need of reading glasses while adhering to safety regulations at your workplace, our safety reading glasses are an ideal solution. Designed to cater to your needs, they offer affordability, convenient storage, and hold ANSI approval, ensuring compliance with OSHA standards. These safety reading glasses, along with our bifocal safety glasses, have gained widespread recognition and are trusted by professionals nationwide. They have been utilized on prominent construction sites, including the iconic Freedom Tower in New York City.

Ensuring your safety while on the job should be a top priority. Even a brief moment without proper safety glasses can lead to unfortunate accidents. It’s essential to note that wearing non-safety reading glasses during such incidents can pose a greater risk than not wearing any glasses at all. Non-safety reading glasses are typically fragile and prone to breakage, making them potentially hazardous if an object impacts them. In such cases, fragments from the frame or lenses may inadvertently enter your eyes, causing further harm. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to prioritize the use of appropriate safety glasses designed to provide the necessary protection in hazardous work environments.

In conclusion, safety reading glasses from Phillips Safety offer the perfect combination of vision correction and safety. With the assurance of ANSI Z87 approval, these glasses provide reliable eye protection for both everyday activities and professional environments, ensuring compliance with OSHA standards. Invest in your safety by choosing Phillips Safety’s reliable and comfortable safety reading glasses.

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