Post: Safety Reading Glasses are in Stock!

Safety Reading Glasses are in Stock!

There’s no need to pay high prices for reading glasses in safety when you can get them here for reasonable price.

Safety Reading Glasses are in Stock!

Safety Reading Glasses are standard, stock power reading glasses just like you’d find in the drug store… but they’re ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses. This means you can use them at home and on the job without fear of having OSHA on your back.

We have two different categories of safety reading glasses: Bifocal Safety Glasses and Safety Reading Glasses. The bifocal safety glasses are wraparound safety glasses like any other standard ones you’d use on the job, only they have a bifocal on the bottom so you can use them to read without switching to a  new pair. Safety reading glasses are the more standard version – they’re regular reading glasses (for the whole lens, not a bifocal), only they’re ANSI Z87-approved.

If you’re interested in getting reading glasses that are also safety glasses, here’s some useful information:

  • Safety reading glasses are comfortable, lightweight, and available in a variety of styles to suit your frame preference.
  • Our stock safety reading glasses come in many more additional strengths than you’ll find at the drug store, so even if you have a strong reading strength we have what you need.
  • Some of our models of safety reading glasses have removable side shields, so you can use the same pair of reading glasses at home and at work, without looking silly reading on the couch with side shields.
  • All of our safety reading glasses come with a case to keep them safe on the job.
  • Our safety reading glasses and our bifocal safety glasses have polycarbonate lenses, the most impact-resistant lens material on the market today.

If you need to read on the job, and safety glasses are required, our safety reading glasses are perfect for you. They’re affordable, easy to store, and ANSI-approved for when OSHA comes around. Our safety reading glasses and bifocal safety glasses are used all over the country, on huge sites such as the Freedom Tower in New York City.

There is no reason not to stay safe on the job. All it takes is a badly-timed moment without your safety glasses on for an accident to happen and wearing non-safety reading glasses when an accident hits could actually harm you more than not wearing any glasses at all. Non-safety reading glasses are generally weak and easy to break, meaning that if you get hit with something, part of your frame or lenses could actually end up in your eye.

If you have any questions about safety reading glasses or bifocal safety glasses, or if you’d like to comment on this post, leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you have to say about them! Thanks for reading, and stay safe this summer!

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