Post: Yellow Safety Glasses with Readers

Yellow Safety Glasses with Readers

Yellow-tinted lenses. Magnified lens windows, or “readers.” Safety glasses. They’re three distinct vision features and three popular options among the entire spectrum of eyewear. Let’s examine why.

  • Yellow lenses – A yellow tint to eyeglass lenses provides protection from the sun’s rays while still offering exceptional vision. Many find that while brown or gray shades perform well at blocking out the sun, they also block out too much background detail and rob the wearer of clarity when viewing distant objects. Yellow supplies good sun blockage and preserves clarity in both the foreground and the background. It also enhances contrast and reduces eye fatigue.
  • Magnified lens windows, or “readers” – these handy little windows offer magnified vision where it’s needed most: at the bottom of lens, the portion one looks through when they read, write, or focus on objects that are nearby. Extremely useful for anyone suffering from presbyopia, they free up the majority of the lens for regular and long-distance vision but, when the wearer looks down, provide a magnified view. Readers are typically available in magnification levels of various strengths so consumers can select their individual prescription.
  • Safety glasses – a must-have item while performing any task that has the potential to harm the eyes, safety glasses are made of impact-resistant material to guard from debris, sparks, chemical splashes, or any condition where foreign objects could enter and damage the eye. Design also plays a role in eye protection, as safety glasses typically feature a wraparound lens style or side guards to cover the eyes laterally. A proper pair will be approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), a private non-profit consumer protection organization.

These three disparate eyewear functions all serve well under certain circumstances. But can they be combined into a single pair of glasses? A visit to Phillips Safety Products proves they can, as Phillips carries a model that marries these particular features with a low-cost and stylish frame.SB-9000 Bifocal Safety Glasses feature ANSI Z87-approved, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and a small reading area at the bottom of the lens that’s available in prescription strengths from +1.0 to +3.0. Yellow lenses are an option, as are clear and smoke gray lenses. Rubber-tipped temple arms and a rubber nose bridge ensure that these glasses stay in place and remain comfortable no matter how long you wear them. A contemporary, modern design rounds out the package…and for such an affordable price that multiple pairs – one for work, one for the home shop, one for outdoor chores – are within the price range of just about anyone.

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