Post: The Multiple Benefits of Clip-On Flip-Up Magnifying Reading Glasses

The Multiple Benefits of Clip-On Flip-Up Magnifying Reading Glasses

If you work in a job that requires regular detailed work or reading, good vision is key. Squinting while having to read small-font instructions can lead to headaches and migraines while missing each detail on close-up work can lead to even more problems.

Clip-On Magnifiers

Unfortunately, not a lot of products available on the market allow professionals to use glasses only for this type of close-up vision. Most glasses focus on a single prescription strength, which becomes a problem if you see perfectly fine otherwise. That’s where clip-on flip-up magnifying reading glasses come into play. These types of glasses actually work perfectly well for a number of situations, which we’ll discuss below.

Reading Instructions While Operating Machinery

Machinists know the importance of keeping a close eye on your machinery. Regardless of how your exact job or industry, you’ll need to make sure that every part functions well together in order to manufacture products and parts exactly as desired. But especially on complex machines, that can be difficult. In fact, you may have to read instructions or safety manuals before, during, and after the operation. When first starting to work on a new machine, the same is true. How do you make sure that you can do both simultaneously? Straining to make sure you can read these instructions does not allow you to be efficient or operate the machine itself at the same time. Through reading glasses, you can optimize the process, helping you read and understand every manual more easily. And when they clip on and/or flip-up, they won’t get in the way of the operation after you’re done reading.

Writing Reports While Working

Some jobs, especially in the manufacturing industry for lean organizations, require regular write-ups on reports. Particularly if safety is a concern for your job or the company you work for, these reports play a crucial part in evaluating both your performance and the overall environment you work in. Speaking of safety: as you write those reports, you have to make sure that you can concentrate easily while everyone around you continues their job. Searching for the right glasses, or trying to write without seeing every detail, can be difficult. And again, clip-on flip-up magnifying reading glasses can help ease your burden. They help you focus on your report, but also detach and get out of the way easily to help you perform your regular duties. In some situations, speed is key – and these glasses can help improve your speed.

Completing Detail Work

Last, but certainly not least, these types of classes can help any professional who has to complete detail work on a regular basis. Welding, for example, requires close attention to the work you’re doing while simultaneously protecting your eyes. Sure, you’ll have general eye protection, but that will matter little if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. A large variety of professionals require this type of detail work. And once your eyesight begins to worsen, particularly if you are not able to see details as clearly as you used to, you may find yourself feeling unqualified for your duties. Clip-on, flip-up glasses ensure that you can see closely, and even magnify the details on which you’re working, allowing you to stay just as proficient and effective even as your eyesight is not as great as it used to be.

3 Clip-On Flip-Up Magnifying Reading Glasses for Professionals Across Industries

In other words, clip-on flip-up magnifying reading glasses can help a variety of professionals across industries. The numerous situations in which they become beneficial to make them worth the investment for anyone who needs to read small type, or complete detail work, while still protecting their eyes. At the same time, you also have to find the right product for your needs. The general concepts matter only so much if you cannot find an option that is both comfortable and accomplishes its purpose. Here are 3 options that can do just that:

As the name suggests, these CFA glasses work especially well for large frames and lenses. A lens/eye size of 59, B measurement of 50, and bridge size of 15 all accommodate larger glasses better than any option below.

The CFS alternative to the above option is its perfect counterpart. A significantly smaller size, particularly in terms of the B size, allow them to easier fit on small frames.

Finally, this option is a perfect compromise of the above two. A rounded metal frame, clear lenses, help you see everything clearly even if you have to perform detail and close-up work.

All three of these products retail for $14.99, making them an affordable addition to your safety gear. In addition, they attach seamlessly to your existing safety glasses, helping you better complete your job without adding any type of inconvenience. Finally, they can be adjusted according to your individual prescription, while their size allows for convenient pocket storage to keep them safe only for situations when you actually need them. Safety in your job environment is key. You always want to protect your eyes, particularly when it comes to completing detailed work. Through clip-on flip-up magnifying reading glasses, you can ensure that your eyes remain safe while better performing your job. To learn more about these types of products, and how they can help you become and remain successful in your job, contact us.

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