Post: The Importance of Occupation Safety Eyewear: Finding Quality Optics for Your Workers

The Importance of Occupation Safety Eyewear: Finding Quality Optics for Your Workers

The importance of occupation safety eyewear is as essential in any workplace as much as the eyewear materials. Whether you have workers in the industrial or medical fields, protecting eyes is a major part of preventing accidents. However, your employees may dread wearing safety glasses because so many pairs simply aren’t comfortable.Another problem is you can’t always find safety glasses specialized for certain situations. Ones designed specifically for reading (or bifocals) aren’t overly common. The same goes for prescription safety glasses when needed to adjust for vision impairments.Here at Phillips Safety Products, we’ve created a line of safety glasses that take care of the above problems. Even more so, your company can finally have safety glasses available to employees that hold up. Quality materials matter in any type of eyewear. This doesn’t mean safety glasses have to skimp on quality just because they seem dispensable.So what kind of safety glasses does your company need? Getting ones adjusted for someone’s vision is easy, yet many of these glasses simply fit over the face easier. No more do your employees have to force a pair on and feel uncomfortable while doing physical labor.Why Safety Reading Glasses Help Your EmployeesHow many times have your employees needed safety glasses and attempted to fit them over their existing glasses? Fitovers are overly awkward and just create an added expense. If the job of your employee entails reading while doing physically dangerous work, safety reading glasses are the best choice for comfort and convenience.These aren’t just over-the-counter type of reading glasses either. They’re made with polycarbonate impact resistant lenses. If you’re not overly familiar with polycarbonate lenses, you need to know that they’re ten times more resistant to impact than lenses made with standard glass.This material is also lightweight, so the feel of safety reading glasses are comfortable. Because of the durability, they won’t break if an employee ever drops them.Available in different frame styles, you can finally help your employees work with more ease.Bifocal Safety GlassesSimilar to reading safety glasses above, bifocals  work like the bifocal eyewear you use at home. The difference is that these once again use polycarbonate material so the lenses won’t shatter if hit by a flying object. They also offer a reading area at the bottom of the lens so employees won’t have to constantly change glasses while doing their job.

Some of your staff may already complain about the bifocals they wear at home. The frames may not feel very comfortable, yet they’re stuck with them because of being nearsighted. You have to wonder why wraparounds weren’t invented for bifocals years ago because of the enhanced comfort level.Now your employees can have wraparounds with their bifocal safety glasses. Wraparounds offer a close fit so they feel good on someone’s face. The nose bridge is also rubber so it won’t leave red marks or sores.You can choose different lens colors as well to bring true style to these while employees wear them all day. Magnification levels are even available to give convenient levels of customization.Photochromic LensesThanks to improved technology, lenses on safety glasses can now change with certain lighting conditions. Your employees may have to work in industrial settings where light changes often as they move indoors or outdoors. If you work in a sunny environment, safety glasses with Photochromic lenses can change to dark in just seconds. Then they’ll revert back to clear in less than a minute.These glasses work by responding to UV light, which ultimately protects the eyesight of your employees when working outdoors. You basically have UV protection shades integrated into durable safety glasses suitable for any work environment.You and your employees get a durable fit with these because of spring-hinged temples and adjustable nose bridges. Your entire team can wear these for hours without getting tired of wearing them.Safety Glasses Made of GlassPerhaps your employees need safety glasses, though have no risk of physical impact. Rather than buy something you don’t need, safety glasses are available using standard glass. The glass, though, is scratch-resistant, so any physical work being done won’t cause harm.

When you invest in these glasses, you can get considerable customization as you would with ordinary lenswear. They come in different lens styles (including Photochromic), and numerous frame colors. Again, wraparounds are available here as a way to make safety glasses feel natural.Protection with Medical Safety GlassesIt’s possible you invested in lesser quality medical safety glasses once, only to find out they didn’t protect your employees well enough. When your employees work with patients or sensitive medical materials, you don’t want debris going into a worker’s eyes. Any foreign object (or even liquid) could cause blindness or make an employee sick.Medical safety glasses have a wraparound structure to assure no debris gets in anyone’s eye. Plus, the lenses have anti-fog coating used in the military to ensure easy visibility. Safety glasses for medical purposes have comfort in mind once again using durable rubber materials.Prescription Safety GlassesWhen your employees require a certain type of prescription in order to use safety glasses correctly, you can provide it for them. Prescription safety glasses protect against any kind of hazard while giving as much eyewear customization as you’d get with regular glasses. It includes obtaining designer eyewear names, plus glasses for specific industries like glassworking, or when working with radiation.Contact us here at Phillips Safety Products to find all of these safety glasses options, including through our sister site,

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