Forensic Glasses

What are Forensic Glasses?

You may have seen them in action in a movie, or on one of the popular crime scene investigation television shows. The crime scene is locked down, the area cleared, and in comes a forensic scientist or investigator. The lights go down. A specialty lamp, dark blue or purplish, is switched on to illuminate the scene. The investigator, wearing a pair of brightly-colored glasses or goggles, looks about and notices a missed fingerprint or a hidden bloodstain…important evidence that was missed under normal lighting conditions. Case closed. About Forensic Glasses These unique glasses are forensic glasses. Utilizing distinctly-colored lenses and

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Forensic Orange Glasses

Forensic Orange Glasses are used in conjunction with UV lamps to enable forensic professionals and scientists to see evidence at crime scenes. Our Forensic Orange Glasses transmit only 2% of 549nm light, perfect for specific lighting conditions in forensics. Forensic Glasses with Orange Lenses Forensic scientists generally need to switch between several different colors of forensic glasses depending on the lighting at the scene they’re working. If you’re looking for a great pair of Forensic Orange Glasses that blocks at 549nm, these are the ones for you. Our Forensic Orange Glasses come in a variety of frame styles to ensure your

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Forensic Glasses New at Phillips

Looking for a quality pair of forensic glasses? New Forensic Glasses at Phillips Safety Forensic glasses are used in conjunction with a UV lamp to discover traces of fluorescence left behind by specific fluids. These glasses enable investigators to see these trace fluorescences without certain wavelengths which could interfere with the fluorescence. Our line of forensic glasses come in three colors, each of which works best in different lighting and fluorescence conditions. Our line of forensic glasses are great for a few reasons: Our red lens transmits 2% at 583nm, our orange lens transmits 2% at 549nm, and our yellow lens transmits

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How Do Forensic Glasses Work?

Investigate a crime scene for signs of biological fluids, and do so without destroying any evidence or causing any physical disruption? It sounds like an impossible task. Yet detectives all around the globe are able to do it every day, solving crimes and collecting evidence in the process. How? Simply by shining a specially-filtered light and viewing the results through a pair of forensic glasses. How Forensic Glasses Work “Identification of biological evidences, such as blood, semen, saliva, and urine, are important for crime scene investigations,” notes a 2010 report from the Malaysian Journal of Forensic Sciences. “…This method is

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Fluorescent Goggles Forensics

Need to see what’s under that fluorescent light? Forensic Fluorescent Goggles People working in forensic investigations sometimes have to use fluorescent goggles for forensics, which allow them to better view what’s being revealed by the fluorescent light.If you’re working in forensics and need goggles for your fluorescent lights, we have what you’re looking for. Whether you need yellow, red, or orange glasses, our line of forensic glasses will fulfill your needs and allow you to see what you’re looking for under the light.Looking for fluorescent goggles for forensics? Here’s what you need to know: Forensic glasses, when used in combination

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