Post: Fluorescent Goggles Forensics

Fluorescent Goggles Forensics

Need to see what’s under that fluorescent light?

Forensic Fluorescent Goggles

People working in forensic investigations sometimes have to use fluorescent goggles for forensics, which allow them to better view what’s being revealed by the fluorescent light.If you’re working in forensics and need goggles for your fluorescent lights, we have what you’re looking for. Whether you need yellow, red, or orange glasses, our line of forensic glasses will fulfill your needs and allow you to see what you’re looking for under the light.Looking for fluorescent goggles for forensics? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Forensic glasses, when used in combination with a UV lamp, enable the investigator to more readily see traces of fluorescence at great distances.
  • Knowing which forensic glasses isn’t an exact science; light conditions, the type of surface or material in question and state of the substance (wet, dry, new, old, etc…) will influence which color works best.
  • Different substances react and fluoresce at different wavelengths. While some substances may fluoresce when exposed to light of a certain wavelength, other substances might not fluoresce or be visible at all.
  • If you need fluorescent goggles for forensics, we have red lens glasses that transmit 2% at 583nm, yellow lens glasses that transmit 2% at 480nm, and orange lens glasses that transit 2% at 549nm.
  • Our line of forensic glasses are used by many skilled scientists and investigators to aid in their work.
If you need fluorescent goggles for forensics, look no further.
Forensic glasses filter away the undesired reflected light from the surface that is being illuminated by the fluorescent light. Our forensic filters significantly increase the possibility of finding the exact evidence or traces that you’re looking for, and filtering away unwanted traces.
If you have any questions about forensic glasses or what’s right for you, just give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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