Post: Forensic Glasses New at Phillips

Forensic Glasses New at Phillips

Looking for a quality pair of forensic glasses?

New Forensic Glasses at Phillips Safety

Forensic glasses are used in conjunction with a UV lamp to discover traces of fluorescence left behind by specific fluids. These glasses enable investigators to see these trace fluorescences without certain wavelengths which could interfere with the fluorescence.

Our line of forensic glasses come in three colors, each of which works best in different lighting and fluorescence conditions.

Our line of forensic glasses are great for a few reasons:

  • Our red lens transmits 2% at 583nm, our orange lens transmits 2% at 549nm, and our yellow lens transmits 2% at 480nm.
  • Our forensic glasses are used alongside a UV lamp to help you view fluorescence from specific fluids.
  • The lens color you choose should depend upon your lighting, what you are looking for, and the age of what you’re looking for.
  • Our forensic glasses come in a large variety of frame types, ensuring that there is a style that’s comfortable and stylish for you.

If you need forensic glasses for your investigative work, our forensic eyewear line has what you need.

Forensic eyewear is essential to certain forms of investigative work. If you want optical quality lenses for work with forensics, our new line of forensic eyewear is right for you. Our forensic glasses have high visible light transmission and light weight to maximize your comfort and vision during forensic work.

If you have any questions about forensic eyewear and what’s right for you, give us a call or leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to set you up with the forensic eyewear you need.

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