Post: Enhancing Investigative Capabilities With Phillips Safety’s Forensic Glasses

Enhancing Investigative Capabilities With Phillips Safety’s Forensic Glasses

Forensic glasses play a crucial role in crime scene investigations by aiding in the detection of trace fluorescences left behind by specific fluids. When used in combination with a UV lamp, these specialized glasses allow investigators to visualize hidden evidence that might not be visible under normal lighting conditions.

By filtering out certain wavelengths that could interfere with the fluorescence, forensic glasses ensure a clear and unobstructed view of the trace fluorescences, providing valuable insights into the crime scene analysis and helping to unravel mysteries that might have otherwise remained concealed. With their ability to enhance the visibility of crucial evidence, forensic glasses have become an indispensable tool for forensic experts, enabling them to bring clarity and precision to their investigative work.


Phillips Safety offers a versatile line of forensic glasses, featuring three distinct lens colors optimized for various lighting and fluorescence conditions. The red lens transmits 2% at 583 nm, the orange lens transmits 2% at 549 nm, and the yellow lens transmits 2% at 480 nm. These specialized glasses are designed to be used in conjunction with a UV lamp, facilitating the visualization of fluorescence from specific fluids.

When selecting the lens color, consider factors such as the lighting conditions, the specific evidence you are searching for, and the age of the substances you’re investigating, ensuring you have the best possible aid for your crime scene analysis.

Our extensive range of forensic glasses features a diverse selection of frame types, designed to offer both comfort and style that suits your preferences. If you require specialized eyewear for investigative work, our comprehensive forensic eyewear line has precisely what you need.

Specifically tailored for forensic work, our line of eyewear boasts optical quality lenses, ensuring optimal clarity for your investigative tasks. With high visible light transmission and a lightweight design, our forensic glasses prioritize your comfort and enhance your vision, making them an essential tool for seamless and precise forensic analysis.

In conclusion, forensic glasses are a pivotal asset in crime scene investigations, enabling the detection of elusive trace fluorescences left behind by specific fluids. When paired with a UV lamp, these specialized glasses uncover hidden evidence that may remain undetected under normal lighting conditions. When it comes to maximizing your investigative capabilities, Phillips Safety’s collection of forensic glasses is the ultimate choice.

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