Post: Welding Filter Plate for TIG Welding

Welding Filter Plate for TIG Welding

Need a filter plate to work with TIG? Look no further than Phillips Safety’s welding filter plate for TIG welding. In this article, we delve into the benefits of our Super Blue and Super Magenta drop-in lenses, exploring how they improve visual acuity and overall welding quality. Whether you’re a seasoned welder or just starting out, integrating our filter lenses into your workflow can significantly enhance your craft. Let’s dive in and discover how these innovative lenses can take your welding to the next level.

Welding Filter Plate for TIG Welding

Welders equipped with helmets featuring removable lenses enjoy a notable advantage over those utilizing electronic lenses: the ability to conveniently and affordably adjust the color and filter type of their lenses. Our latest offering, the Welding Filter Plate designed specifically for TIG Welding, presents a significant boon for welders engaged in TIG welding alongside other welding methods.

Our TIG filter plate seamlessly integrates behind your standard welding lens, although it’s imperative to emphasize that it must be utilized in conjunction with your regular green welding lens. While the green lens effectively blocks ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light, it fails to counter sodium flare, characterized by a glaring orange light emitted during welding. By effectively blocking this disruptive sodium flare, our TIG filter plates enhance visual clarity, fostering better welds and promoting more comfortable working conditions for your eyes.

Available in both blue and magenta variants, our welding filter plate tailored for TIG welding serves as an ideal solution for elevating visual acuity during TIG welding sessions.

■ Our Super Blue Drop In welding lens is a perfect and affordable solution to blocking the bright orange light that comes from sodium flare during TIG welding.

■ The Super Blue drop in welding lens for TIG welding adds only about 1/2 shade to your normal welding lenses.

■ The Super Blue lens is polycarbonate and therefore can be destroyed by spatter. Always insert it behind your welding lens, so the glass welding lens is facing the working area.

■ Our Super Magenta Drop In welding lenses are the best for increasing visual acuity and enhancing your work during welding. This lens blocks sodium flare while enhancing the spectrum of light coming through to your eyes, giving you the BEST vision imaginable during your work.

■ Great vision from the Super Magenta lens means the best craftsmanship you are capable of, and all of our welders who tested this lens said they noticed a significant increase in the quality of their work.

■ The Super Magenta drop in lens adds about 1/2 shade to your normal welding lenses.

■ Always use the Super Magenta lens behind your welding lens so the cheaper welding lens is the one facing the work and getting spattered. This will extend the life of your magenta lens indefinitely.


■ Don’t store either the Super Blue or Super Magenta lenses in a tool box. Always store separately, in a protective sleeve or case.

■ NEVER use either the Super Blue or Super Magenta lens by itself! Always use in combination with the green IR welding lens that is appropriate for the work you’re doing.

■ Using a welding filter plate for TIG welding will absolutely improve the quality of your work, the comfort of your eyes, and your confidence behind the torch.


If you’re aiming to elevate your work, a filter lens is the way to go. Whether you’re uncertain about which welding lenses suit your needs or want advice on torch usage, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to help. We’re also eager to hear your feedback if you’ve tried our welding filter plates! Spread the word about how our filter lenses can revolutionize your welding experience, enabling you to produce superior welds with minimal cleanup. Let’s take your craftsmanship to new heights together.

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