Post: Does Wearing Polarized Sunglasses Protect your Eyes from the Light from Welding?

Does Wearing Polarized Sunglasses Protect your Eyes from the Light from Welding?

Welding is a well-known process that involves intense light and heat generated by an electric arc. Ensuring eye protection during welding is crucial, as the light emitted can be blindingly bright and harmful. While polarized sunglasses are effective against certain types of light, they are not suitable for safeguarding your eyes from welding arcs. 

In this article, we will explore the reasons why polarized sunglasses fall short in providing adequate protection and why specialized welding glasses are essential for this task.

Polarization’s Limitations:

Polarized sunglasses work by filtering out horizontal light, making them effective against typical reflected light that strikes your eyes directly. However, the light from a welding arc travels in multiple directions – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Due to this, polarized lenses cannot offer comprehensive protection against the various forms of light produced by welding arcs, leaving your eyes vulnerable to damage.

The Overwhelming Brightness of Welding Arcs:

The light emitted by a welding arc is exceptionally bright, exceeding what any standard sunglass lens can handle. Even the darkest polarized lenses are inadequate for blocking the radiance cast off by the arc. Welding glasses or masks are specifically designed to be extremely dark to protect against this intensity. In contrast, sunglasses lack the necessary darkness and are therefore unsuitable for use as welding eye protection.

Harmful Invisible Light:

Apart from visible light, welding arcs also emit infrared and ultraviolet light, all of which can be harmful to the human eye. Even if sunglasses were dark enough to prevent damage from visible light, they might not be designed to filter out the dangerous UV and IR light produced by welding arcs.

The Solution: Specialized Welding Glasses

To ensure your eyes are fully protected during welding tasks, it is imperative to use specialized welding glasses. Phillips Safety Products offers a range of options designed explicitly for this purpose. These glasses feature gray or green Athermal lenses from Schott, a renowned German glass maker, in shades dark enough to provide complete protection from all forms of light, both visible and invisible. With Phillips Safety Products, you can choose from Alloweld lenses, clip-on flip-ups, and window sheeting, all of which offer comprehensive shielding for various welding tasks.

In conclusion, while polarized sunglasses are effective for certain situations, they do not provide the necessary protection required during welding tasks. The intense brightness and harmful invisible light emitted by welding arcs make specialized welding glasses an indispensable choice for safeguarding your eyes. 

Invest in high-quality welding glasses from Phillips Safety Products to ensure your eye safety and well-being during welding operations. Your eyes deserve nothing less than the best protection available on the market.

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