Post: Phillips Safety’s Clip-On Dental Loupes

Phillips Safety’s Clip-On Dental Loupes

Looking for convenience in magnification that goes right onto your existing eyewear?

Clip-On Dental Loupes from Phillips Safety

Our clip-on dental loupes are lightweight, easy to use, and built to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Clip-on dental loupes are used in combination with prescription eyewear or safety glasses that you are currently using for your work. The clip-on loupes will clip right onto your existing eyewear, removing the need for new prescription lenses or the risk of uncomfortable or ill-fitting wraparound safety loupe frames.

Clip-on dental loupes are lightweight and rugged. They are also easily adjustable and made for use in a variety of dental and surgical procedures. Many of our doctors buy them for use as clip-on surgical loupes.

If you’re looking for magnifying loupes to work with your existing eyewear, here’s what’s great about our clip-on dental loupes:

  • Clip-on dental/surgical loupes are built of lightweight yet rugged plastic and metal components.
  • Clip-on dental loupes clip onto your existing eyewear.
  • Our clip-on surgical loupes have pristine, crystal-clear optics thanks to precision engineering and lens coatings..
  • Using clip-on dental loupes is easy; simply use the alligator clip to attach them to your eyewear, adjust pupil distance and loupe height using the PD knob and arms, respectively, and you’re ready to work!.
  • Our clip-on surgical/dental loupes come in a variety of working distances and magnifications, ensuring that there’s a loupe for your application.

If you are looking for ease of use and easy adjustment in a pair of loupes, clip-on dental loupes are the choice for you.

Our clip-on dental loupes are used by doctors worldwide to see their work better, operate with ease, and get magnification conveniently and simply. Whether you’re getting clip-on surgical loupes for dental cleanings, fine dental work, surgeries, or even a hobby, our clip-on loupes are sure to meet your needs.

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