Post: Elevate Patient Care: Enhancing Mobility with Cutting-Edge Transfer Boards

Elevate Patient Care: Enhancing Mobility with Cutting-Edge Transfer Boards

Patient transfer boards have quickly become indispensable equipment in the medical field, revolutionizing the way patients are moved from one surface to another. With minimal effort required from the medical team, these boards significantly reduce the risk of injury or trauma to both patients and medical professionals involved in the transfer process. While patient transfers may seem like short distances, the choice of a top-of-the-line transfer board can make all the difference in simplifying the job.

When selecting a patient transfer board for your medical practice or hospital, it’s crucial to consider more than just basic functionality. The comfort and well-being of your patients, as well as the safety of your medical staff, should be prioritized. Our boards at Phillips Safety, a reputable name in safety for over 110 years, are meticulously designed to be lightweight, durable, efficient, and meet the highest safety standards.

In this article, we will discuss the distinctive qualities that distinguish our transfer boards from the competition, emphasizing the exceptional features and benefits they offer. Prepare to elevate your patient transfers to an unprecedented level of efficiency and ease with the unmatched performance of Phillips Safety’s patient transfer boards.


High-Quality Design: Phillips Safety’s patient transfer boards are constructed from semi-rigid polyethylene plastic, resulting in a remarkably lightweight design. Despite the material’s thinness, it boasts exceptional strength and has undergone rigorous stress-testing to ensure optimal performance. Our patient transfer boards are versatile, enabling smooth transfers in various positions and scenarios. Moreover, we offer options that are pre-treated with an anti-static compound, minimizing static buildup and preventing patients’ clothing from adhering to the surface.

Comfort and Convenience: Our patient transfer boards are meticulously designed to prioritize both the comfort of patients and the ease of medical personnel during transfers. Besides their lightweight yet highly durable material, these boards offer exceptional comfort without compromising on strength. Hanging the boards using any of their handles ensures effortless storage, eliminating the need for extra space or constant hauling from one location to another. The anti-static surface also guarantees secure transfers over uneven surfaces, minimizing stress and ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, the strategically placed handles alleviate lower back strain by providing multiple handhold options.

Perfected for Medical Efficiency: Designed to meet the needs of medical facilities, our patient transfer boards feature a moisture-proof design and an anti-static coating. Many are MRI safe and fully radiolucent, allowing them to be left on the table during diagnostic imaging and procedures, thus reducing patient transfer time. At Phillips Safety we have strived to perfect them by prioritizing comfort, functionality, and resilience.


Patient transfer boards have revolutionized the medical field, providing a safer and more efficient method for moving patients between surfaces. Phillips Safety offers high-quality transfer boards that prioritize comfort, convenience, and medical efficiency. Constructed from durable yet lightweight materials, our boards ensure ease of use for both patients and medical staff. With features such as anti-static surfaces and strategically placed handles, our boards provide optimal comfort and convenience during transfers. Moreover, our boards are designed to meet the specific needs of medical facilities, with options that are MRI safe and radiolucent.

Here at Phillips Safety we have perfected our transfer boards to deliver exceptional performance and meet the highest safety standards. Elevate your patient transfers to new levels of efficiency and ease with our outstanding patient transfer boards.

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