Post: Laser Safety Glasses for a Holmium Laser

Laser Safety Glasses for a Holmium Laser

If you are looking for the proper glasses to wear around while working with Holmium Lasers then check out our AKG-5 Homium/Yag/Co2 – Model #808-BK.  This is one of our popular safety wrap around frames.

  • KG-5 laser safety glasses have extremely high VLT, meaning they are almost completely clear and very comfortable to work in.
  • The KG-5 lenses are made of optical-quality German glass, giving you clear and precise vision.
  • KG-5 laser safety glasses can be made in prescription if you would rather have prescription laser safety glasses instead of wearing a fitover on top of your regular glasses.
  • The KG-5 laser safety glasses come in a variety of popular frames, including our wraparound Model 808, our Fitover 33, and our Model 55 silicone goggle.
  • The KG-5 offers great protection: 5+ OD at 900-1000nm, 7+ OD at 1000-2400nm, and 7+ OD at 2900-10600nm.
  • KG-5 is our most popular filter in laser safety glasses.

KG-5 is so popular because YAG, Holmium, and CO2 lasers are so common in medical and industrial applications, and the extremely high VLT that KG-5 offers cannot be matched by any other filter that protects from all three of these lasers. It should be noted that YAG Double and YAG Harmonic lasers are not protected from with KG-5.The key to safety is wearing the proper eyewear for the type of laser you will be working with.  Should you have any questions, please call our friendly and helpful customer service reps at  1-866-575-1307.  You can also find the Laser Specifications sheet online at our user friendly website

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