Post: What Filter is Best for Holmium Laser Safety Glasses?

What Filter is Best for Holmium Laser Safety Glasses?

Our best filter for Holmium laser safety is the AKG-5 glass laser lens.

Holmium Laser Safety Glasses: The Best Filter

This lens is a light blue color that is extremely clear, offering excellent visual light transmission (VLT). It is a glass lens, and it is one of our most frequently purchased laser safety filters..

Holmium lasers are most commonly used in medical and industrial applications. Polycarbonate and plastic laser safety filters are not able to offer adequate coverage for the infrared Holmium beam, which operates at 2100nm wavelength. Because of this, our AKG-5 filter is an almost perfectly clear glass that blocks wavelengths outside of the visual spectrum

Here’s what you need to know about our Holmium laser safety glasses:

  • The laser filter that is best for Holmium lasers is the AKG-5 filter.
  • Our AKG-5, often referred to simply as KG-5, is a glass lens. Polycarbonate and plastic laser lenses cannot offer adequate coverage for Holmium lasers.
  • Holmium lasers operate in the infrared range at 2100nm wavelength. This means that they operate outside of the spectrum of visible light so adequate coverage does not require dark lenses.
  • The AKG-5 laser filter has excellent visible light transmission (VLT). It is a gentle blue color that is so light it is almost clear.
  • The AKG-5 is one of our most frequently purchased laser lenses, both because of the excellent coverage it provides for several lasers and for its high VLT and optical quality.

Because Holmium lasers are so common, it is very useful to have a laser filter that blocks their beam while offering high VLT. In addition to the high VLT that our AKG-5 filter offers, the fact that it is glass means that the lenses themselves are very scratch resistant and do not generally show signs of wear, even after long periods of extended use.

The infrared beam emitted by Holmium lasers is invisible. This does not mean that it is incapable of harming you. Actually, in some ways, invisible laser beams are more dangerous than visible ones because they can’t be seen. Extreme caution should be taken when working with Holmium lasers, and eyewear should always be worn in the laser area. Since the VLT of Holmium laser safety glasses is so high, you can wear your eyewear comfortably without dark lenses impeding your work.

If you have any questions about Holmium laser safety glasses or our AKG-5 lens, please leave us a comment below or give us a call! We’re always glad to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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