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In the past, medical supplies and equipment were purchased mainly from local salespeople who went door-to-door. But as technology continues to improve, more and more consumers are buying their medical devices online. At Phillips Safety, this allows customers to get better quality and performance at a much lower cost. Explore the realm of medical safety, uncovering what makes our products stand out, and learn how to buy Phillips Safety’s medical safety products.

At Phillips Safety we are proud to offer a selection of high-quality MRI glasses. These glasses are non-magnetic and allow patients to see the room outside the bore of the magnet during their scan. Features include:

  • Our MRI prism glasses are fitover frames that allow a companion or scenic picture to be viewed.
  • These Phillips Safety fitover glasses provide a simple and cost effective comfort measure for ultimate relaxation. They can be used alone or in conjunction with a sound system.
  • Our MRI glasses are available in an oval plastic frame and feature a Prism Angle that remains fixed in either position. That means that no viewing angle adjustment is required.
  • In addition, the Prisms do not reverse the image, making it possible to see a mural, calming poster or projection screen TV.

Patient care products are used in the medical field to aid patients in their daily lives, as well as to provide assistance in their diagnosis or during procedures. Our offerings include:

  • Laser Ocular Shields: Protective devices used during laser procedures to shield the eyes from potentially harmful radiation. These shields are designed to cover the eyes entirely, safeguarding them from any direct exposure to the laser beam.
  • Lid Plates: Specialized tools used in ophthalmic surgery to assist in holding and manipulating the eyelids, providing surgeons with better access and control during procedures.
  • Lid Clamps: Specialized tools used for stabilizing and retracting eyelids during surgery to ensure precise and safe interventions.
  • SandSocks: Lightweight and easy to use, the Flexible Vinyl Sandsocks are crafted from superior flexible vinyl, redefining patient positioning with their exceptional comfort and efficiency.

Our Toboggan Arm Boards are made of crystal clear polycarbonate, which is radiolucent and extremely strong. This radiolucent shield features a contoured top that offers stabilizing support for the clinician’s arms while shielding against sharp edges during procedures. Plus, they are MRI safe. In addition, Phillips Safety toboggan arm boards are available in different sizes and dimensions.

Ensuring seamless and safe patient transfers between surfaces, they serve as invaluable aids in healthcare settings. Our selection of patient transfer boards are specially designed to help patients transfer between surfaces of similar or slightly different heights. Here’s what you can find:

  • Static and anti static transfer boards: provide safe and frictionless movement for patients during transfers. Bariatric patient
  • Bariatric patient shifter and transfer boards: offer robust support for transferring heavier patients with ease and stability.
  • Slide board patient transfer sheets: facilitate smooth and effortless transfers for patients, reducing friction and minimizing strain on caregivers.

Designed to provide secure immobilization, our papoose boards offer unparalleled stability, guaranteeing the comfort and safety of your patients during procedures or examinations. Our selection provides:

  • Cushioned boards with fabric velcro straps which will help limit a patient’s movement during a medical procedure.
  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from small to extra large, ideal for infants, teenagers and adults..

Ensuring the safety and protection of the patient in potentially hazardous environments, our Safety Straps help to keep the patient in a safe and secure position to allow medical professionals to work accurately. They also immobilize the patient so that the doctor, tech, or any medical professional has unobstructed access to work. Our line of safety straps come in:

  • Different lengths, sizes, and materials: the lengths we carry are extensive and will cover men, women, or children of all ages and sizes.
  • Adjustable buckles, Velcro hook and Loop options available.

Phillips Safety is proud to offer a selection of face masks. We offer two different kinds of masks, one with an ear loop and another with a headband style. Our face masks are specially designed to filter particles, viruses, and microbes. They meet KN95 standards, which means that they are effective against 95% of particles. They also provide over 95% of bacterial filtration efficiency. Our offers include:

  • KN95 Ear Loop Mask
  • KN95 Headband Face Mask

Both models of face masks that we offer come in a package with 10 face masks intended for single use. It is important to note that wearing a mask greatly reduces the risk of infection, they do not eliminate it. The level of protection the face mask provides depends on the proper fit of the wearer.

In addition, the face masks sold at Phillips Safety are FDA approved. For a better fit, they provide an integrated adjustable nose bridge that ensures proper fit.


Ensure that the safety products adhere to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines to guarantee their legality and effectiveness in medical settings.


Evaluate whether the safety products meet the specific needs and requirements of your facility, considering factors such as patient demographics, procedures performed, and environmental conditions.

Quality and Durability

Prioritize products crafted from high-quality materials that offer durability and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in demanding healthcare environments.


Select user-friendly products that are intuitive to minimize the risk of errors during implementation and facilitate seamless integration into existing workflows.



Select the Category

Choose the category of medical safety products that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for MRI glasses, patient protection products, toboggan arm boards, patient transfer boards, papoose boards, safety straps, or face masks, navigate to the corresponding section on our website to explore the available options.


Choose the Desired Product

Once you’ve selected the category of accessories you’re interested in, browse through the available products to find the one that meets your requirements.


Add to Cart

Once you’ve found the perfect medical safety produtcs, simply add it to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. You can continue shopping to add more items or proceed to checkout if you’re ready to complete your purchase.

add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout

In conclusion, investing in the right medical safety products is crucial for ensuring optimal patient care and workplace safety in healthcare settings. By prioritizing compliance with regulatory standards, selecting high-quality and durable products, assessing suitability for specific needs, and prioritizing ease of use, healthcare facilities can effectively mitigate risks, enhance patient outcomes, and streamline workflows. Making informed decisions about medical safety products not only safeguards patients and staff but also contributes to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

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