Post: HPS Grow Light Safety Glasses for Next Level Gardening

HPS Grow Light Safety Glasses for Next Level Gardening

Hydroponic indoor gardening is a growing trend in private homes and in the farming industry. The amazing technology of high-powered grow lights is quickly changing how grower’s manage and maintain their crops, allowing for greater yields despite limited terrain. However, the obvious advantages that this system provides are not without a few drawbacks that ought to be addressed. Namely, the fact that high-intensity grow lights emit radiation that is harmful to the human eye. Aside from damage to the farmers, damage to crops is also a possibility since harsh grow lights impair a grower’s observation of their plants, rendering farming techniques useless.In order to counteract both these problematic setbacks Phillips Safety Products, Inc. has developed an all-in-one solution in the form of grow light safety glasses. Our Hydrospecs Growers line of glasses is an optimally designed feat of science that protects the eyes and gives you the ability to see every little detail that glaring lights may have hidden from you before. Let us help you filter out excess light and offer you protection for lasting eye health and a great gardening experience.Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on our line of glasses that protect against high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the most frequently asked questions regarding HPS grow light safety glasses and what they can do for you.

What Do Hydrospecs Growers Glasses Do?

Simply put: Hydrospecs Growers safety glasses utilize specialty lenses to filter out unwanted light. Because indoor gardening requires a light source that is of a much higher intensity than natural light the viewing of minute details is quite impossible. It also means that you – and your eyes – are exposed to higher rates of UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation. In answer to this, our glasses are specifically tailored to match the frequencies of different hydroponic light sources (like HPS) and their characteristics. The lenses are designed to absorb or reflect these wavelengths, providing you with protection as well as perfect vision.

What is High-Pressure Sodium?

High-Pressure Sodium is one of the most commonly used lighting systems in hydroponic lighting technology. HPS has excellent spectral distribution and produces high levels of the yellow and red end of the color spectrum. Like other hydroponic gardening lights HPS is very strong and capable of producing high quantity as well as high-quality crops. The characteristics of this lighting are particularly favored for growing fruits and flowers.

Why Do I Need Protection From HPS?

Just as the sun emits radiation so too do high-intensity grow lights. HPS emits UVA, UVB, and UVC at rates that can be harmful without proper protection. UVC rays are particularly dangerous because the ozone layer naturally filters them out and we are rarely exposed to them. Because UVC rays are almost alien to us, specialty glasses are an absolute necessity. You see, typical sunglasses are not engineered to filter out UVC rays so they are quite useless for protection during indoor gardening activities.

Why are UVC Rays So Harmful?

UVC rays are an ultraviolet ray which can cause serious damage to the human eye. Though it is excellent for plants it can create discomforts such as headaches and eye fatigue in farmers. Prolonged exposure can result in even worse diagnoses. Permanent damage such as impaired color perception, cataracts, and loss of vision can all result from exposure to the UVC radiation emitted from HPS lighting systems. These are very real and serious risks that you face while performing hydroponic indoor gardening without proper protection.

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