Post: Protect Your Eyes with Safety Glasses for Hydroponic Gardening Under HPS Lights

Protect Your Eyes with Safety Glasses for Hydroponic Gardening Under HPS Lights

Hydroponic gardening offers a way for growers to optimize their crop yield in a controlled and limited environment. To provide adequate nourishment to the plants, indoor growing requires powerful light sources, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. While these lights are beneficial for crop quality and productivity, they can be harmful to the eyes of growers. Therefore, using safety glasses is crucial when working with high-pressure sodium lights in hydroponic gardening. 

Before we discuss the main benefits of using safety glasses when using high pressure sodium lights, It is worth mentioning that Phillips Safety, has been around for decades, and are acknowledged experts in the field of producing safety glasses to laser, welding, and glass working industries. We’re a U.S. based company and make our new High Pressure Sodium growview glasses here in the USA.

3 Benefits of Using Safety Glasses When Using High Pressure Sodium Lights

1. Protection against harmful UVC radiation

If you are using high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights for indoor hydroponic gardening, you may not realize that these lights can cause harm to your eyes. Although they are a powerful source of light, they emit UVC radiation that can lead to eye damage, headaches, cataracts, and reduced color perception. The good news is that there are safety glasses designed specifically for hydroponic gardening that can protect your eyes and help you see more clearly.

One of the main benefits of High Pressure Sodium growview glasses is protection from harmful UVC radiation that can be produced by high or low-pressure sodium lights. The ozone layer filters out UVC radiation outdoors, so typical sunglasses are not enough to protect against it. These glasses offer an effective solution for growers who work in an HPS light environment for prolonged periods of time. With proper eye protection, growers can avoid uncomfortable strain on their eyes and maintain good eye health.

2. Better visibility to differentiate plant colors and details

Another benefit of using High Pressure Sodium growview glasses is improved color perception. HPS lights have the effect of making everything look yellowish, which can make it difficult for growers to discern the true color of their plants. GrowView™ glasses allow growers to see their plants clearly and accurately, making it easier to monitor their health. So, being able to see the colors of plants clearly is another benefit of wearing hydroponic gardening safety glasses. 

Phillips Safety’s High Pressure Sodium growview glasses come in many different lightweight, stylish shapes and sizes. Indoor growers subjected to HPS lights for prolonged periods of time, won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful brilliance of their garden plants’ colors with diminished color perception. Part of the joy of hydroponic gardening is enjoying the view, so in addition to the practical uses of safety glasses, is the benefit of simply creating a more desirable environment to work in.

3. Protection against debris

Lastly, the glasses protect growers from debris, fluids, or other substances that may accidentally enter their eyes. While indoor growing environments are generally safe, accidents can happen, and High Pressure Sodium growview glasses provide an added layer of protection to prevent potential damage.

Accidents are not easy to predict, therefore it’s a wise choice to protect one of the most sensitive areas of our body: the eyes. Also, any form of gardening requires growers to be hands-on and generally heads in, which puts the eyes close to the action. 

All of these are good reasons to simply protect your eyes from debris with High Pressure Sodium growview glasses.


When it comes to hydroponic gardening, the main body part needing protection is the eyes. Harmful UVC radiation is produced by the commonly used high or low-pressure sodium lights, which are the most efficient and powerful source of strong light for plants grown indoors.

By wearing High Pressure Sodium growview glasses, growers will benefit by protecting their eyes from harmful UVC radiation from HPS lights, being able to see their plants’ colors clearly to discern health, and protecting their eyes from any gardening debris. Considering the benefits they offer, these glasses should be standard for any serious hydroponic gardener.

The good news is Phillips Safety is proud to offer the GrowView™ line of High Pressure Sodium glasses. Made in the USA with the finest domestic and imported raw materials, these glasses are available in many different lightweight, stylish shapes and sizes. Whether you are a serious hydroponic gardener or a hobbyist, these glasses are a must-have for anyone looking to protect their eyes and improve their growing experience.

We are the experts in light manipulation technology and have now put our expertise to work for the indoor growing industry. There may be other glasses on the market, ours are the best.

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