Post: 3 Benefits of Using Safety Glasses When Using High Pressure Sodium Lights

3 Benefits of Using Safety Glasses When Using High Pressure Sodium Lights

Hydroponic gardening is a great method for growers to maximize and control their crop’s yield in a minimal environment. Indoor growing requires strong light to feed the crops, and the most powerful and efficient source for this is called high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights. While this strong light source has proven to do wonders for crop quality and yields, it’s also harmful to the eyes of growers. Let’s discuss 3 benefits of using safety glasses when using high-pressure sodium lights for hydroponic gardening.

  • Protection from harmful UVC radiation
  • Helps growers see colors and plants clearly
  • Protection from debris

Before we discuss these three benefits, keep in mind Phillips Safety has been around for decades, and are acknowledged experts in the field of producing safety glasses to laser, welding, and glass working industries. We’re a U.S. based company and make our new GrowView™ hydroponic gardening glasses here in the USA.

Protection From Harmful UVC Radiation

The ozone layer filters out UVC radiation outdoors, so typical sunglasses don’t protect from this type of radiation. Typical sunglasses do filter out UVA and UVB radiation from the sun to protect our eyes.High or low-pressure sodium lights are cranking out UVC radiation, which is good for the plants and does wonders. The problem for humans being exposed to HPS lights for prolonged periods, is this radiation it cranks out causes harmful damage to the eyes. This damage comes in the form of reduced color perception, reduced night vision, headaches, and even cataracts.Growers who’ve been exposed to HPS lights for any length of time, will understand the strain that comes from prolonged exposure. This uncomfortable strain is from the UVC radiation being produced from the HPS lights.So, if a grower is planning on hydroponic gardening for any long period of time, getting a pair of GrowView ™ hydroponic gardening glasses is a wise choice. Working in a HPS light environment with proper eye protection, will be much more comfortable and healthy for the eyes.

Helps Growers See Colors and Plants Clearly

High-pressure sodium lights have the effect of making everything look a tinge of yellow, which makes distinguishing colors on plants for hydroponic gardeners much more difficult. Being able to distinguish the color clearly and even brilliantly, helps growers discern the health of their plants.So, being able to see the colors of plants clearly is another benefit of wearing hydroponic gardening safety glasses. Keep in mind as well, these aren’t goofy looking glasses we had to wear in high school shop class. Rather, Phillips Safety’s GrowView™ hydroponic gardening glasses come in 9 different lightweight, stylish shapes and sizes.Indoor growers subjected to HPS lights for prolonged periods of time, won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful brilliance of their garden plants’ colors with diminished color perception. Part of the joy of hydroponic gardening is enjoying the view, so in addition to the practical uses of safety glasses, is the benefit of simply creating a more desirable environment to work in.

Protection From Debris

While indoor growing operations aren’t exactly places where dangerous projectiles are a concern, any gardening is going to create a modicum of debris. While using tools and moving plants and objects, eyes can sometimes become accidental targets. Growers can guard against any unwanted debris, fluids, or substance getting in their eyes, by wearing lightweight protective GrowView ™ hydroponic gardening glasses.Say for instance a grower is applying some form of fertilizer on their plants, and in the process, some of it shoots in their eyes. Even if this is an organic fertilizer and not chemicals, it could cause harmful damage and put a hamper on the days’ activities.Wearing safety glasses purposefully made for hydroponic gardening under HPS lights, will additionally guard a grower’s eyes against any accidental mishaps. Accidents are not easy to predict, therefore it’s a wise choice to protect one of the most sensitive areas of our body: the eyes.Also, any form of gardening requires growers to be hands-on and generally heads in, which puts the eyes close to the action. All of these are good reasons to simply protect your eyes from debris with GrowView™ hydroponic gardening glasses.


When it comes to hydroponic gardening, the main body part needing protection is the eyes. Harmful UVC radiation is being produced by the commonly used high or low-pressure sodium lights, which are the most efficient and powerful source of strong light for plants grown indoors.By wearing GrowView ™ hydroponic gardening glasses, growers will benefit by: protecting their eyes from harmful UVC radiation from HPS lights, being able to see their plants’ colors clearly to discern health, and protecting their eyes from any gardening debris. Considering the benefits they offer, these glasses should be standard for any serious hydroponic gardener.The good news is Phillips Safety has decided to make the GrowView™ line of hydroponic gardening glasses. This is good news because when it comes to safety glasses, Phillips Safety is an acknowledged industry leader, with a client list that includes: NASA, SPACE-X, MIT, CALTECH, and Los Alamos Labs. Also, all our lenses are made in the USA using the finest domestic and imported raw materials, in an effort to attain total control over quality and performance.Hydroponic gardeners can now stay comfortable and be protected in their indoor growing environment, with GrowView™ hydroponic gardening glasses. These have stylish frames with technologically advanced lenses, specifically designed to protect against high and low-pressure sodium lights. These glasses should be standard equipment for growers, and there’s no better place to get them than Phillips Safety. Please contact us today to order or learn more.

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