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Putting Safety First: A Look at Phillips Safety’s Advanced Capabilities

SHOP AT PHILLIPS SAFETY SHOP AT PHILLIPS SAFETY SHOP AT PHILLIPS SAFETY Phillips Safety specializes in safety eyewear, but we do more than just safety glasses. Dedicated to expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers, we own a state-of-the-art facility with many capabilities. It includes two optical labs, a full machine shop, a glass-fining area, a glassblowing stopper machine, and a plano eyewear assembly line, among others. We are constantly pushing ourselves to provide the highest level of quality and service possible. With a team of over 40 skilled professionals, at Phillips Safety you may find someone moving tons

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Phillips Safety Announces New YouTube Channel

With over a century of experience in the optical business, the Phillips family knows what it takes to maintain a successful business. First and foremost, our customers come first, and we continue to please them by providing a wide range of quality products at affordable prices. But for any company to thrive, it needs to adapt to changing times. At Phillips Safety, we embrace the latest technological advances in both the safety eyewear industry and in the way in which we share product releases and exchange information with our customers. When our family first began producing glasses for Bausch &

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Phillips Safety Products Launches its New YouTube Channel

With regular new product releases, a fresh creative team, and a lot to talk about, Phillips Safety Products is proud to announce our debut on YouTube. Phillips Safety Products Launches its New YouTube Channel Let’s face it: in many ways, videos are the new text. Today’s internet is filled with videos ranging from Vine-style comedic shorts to full-length documentaries, and gathering information is no different. Whether it’s instructions, the description of a brand, or a how-to, videos are useful, quick, engaging, and effective ways of getting information. We created our YouTube Channel with industry professionals in mind, as well as current

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Audit Your Company’s Safety Equipment: Break Down Your ANSI Standards for Easy Compliance

Internal audits are the trickiest part of every job. Even on your company’s network, there are hundreds of hidden away files, old email attachments, and dusty corners in your company’s servers. It’s even harder to do an audit of physical equipment. Boxes and old parts might be stored everywhere from older desk drawers to supply closets on a faraway floor. You also have to comb through online files to track down previous purchases and equipment at other locations.But without a complete list of your company’s equipment, it’s impossible to know what you have. You can’t be certain your physical equipment is

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