Post: Putting Safety First: A Look at Phillips Safety’s Advanced Capabilities

Putting Safety First: A Look at Phillips Safety’s Advanced Capabilities

Phillips Safety specializes in safety eyewear, but we do more than just safety glasses. Dedicated to expanding our capabilities to better serve our customers, we own a state-of-the-art facility with many capabilities. It includes two optical labs, a full machine shop, a glass-fining area, a glassblowing stopper machine, and a plano eyewear assembly line, among others.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to provide the highest level of quality and service possible. With a team of over 40 skilled professionals, at Phillips Safety you may find someone moving tons of glass lens blanks while someone else is polishing prescriptions for laser safety glasses. At the same time, in one part of our building someone may be engraving a doctor’s name onto a pair of radiation safety glasses, while in another area our sales reps are explaining which glasses are best for observing a concrete furnace.

Our team at Phillips Safety goes above and beyond to meet the unique needs of our customers. We’re always expanding our product line to offer not only new eyewear but also safety equipment and accessories to better serve the markets we cater to.


At Phillips Safety, we have full glass and plastic optical labs on-site, enabling us to produce prescription safety glasses. Our in-house capabilities allow us to customize safety glasses for various applications, including laser, radiation, glassworking, welding, and industrial safety.

Our facility can produce hundreds of these glasses every day to fulfill blanket orders that require thousands of safety glasses to be produced regularly. We have a team of staff specifically dedicated to the production of plano safety glasses to ensure timely delivery to our customers.

Moreover, our full machine shop at Phillips Safety has allowed us to expand our safety line beyond eyewear and into areas like radiation safety barriers. With our advanced machine shop, we are able to produce custom solutions for niche safety requirements, since our engineers are always looking for ways to fill gaps in the market and satisfy the needs of our customers.

We also take pride in our glass fining area. As a manufacturer of safety eyewear, we use tons of glass lenses for various purposes such as laser safety, radiation safety, glassworking safety, and welding safety. To ensure quality and consistency, we purchase entire glass melts from the glass melter. We then transform raw lens blanks into finished plano lenses and semi-finished prescription-ready lenses in our glass fining area.

Another area at Phillips Safety is that of sheet glass production, where we have the necessary tools and expertise to polish and cut sheet glass for a variety of applications, from windows to lenses and even special shapes. Whether you need a custom size, shape, or finish, we can provide you with the sheet glass solution that meets your requirements.

Our facility is also equipped with a unique glassworking stopper machine, which allows us to create neoprene or silicone stoppers for glass blowing. This machine has the capability of cutting stoppers out of a single block, ensuring that all the pieces fit together perfectly.

Furthermore, we possess a remarkable laser engraver that is capable of etching logos, names, and laser wavelength specifications onto both frames and lenses. This versatile machine is also capable of cutting when the need arises, making it an essential tool in our production process.

Last but not least, we have two pad printing machines that are used for printing logos and wavelength specifications on both frames and lenses.


If you have a specific safety product in mind that you need, feel free to ask us. We pride ourselves on being able to expand our product lines and capabilities to meet the needs of various industries and specific applications. While we can’t do everything, we’re always excited to explore new possibilities and find ways to provide customized solutions for our customers.

Phillips Safety’s goal is to produce as much as we can in-house, allowing us greater control over the quality and customization of our products. We take great pride in the growth our company has achieved since its inception and are committed to continuing this trend in the future.

If you have any inquiries regarding our capabilities or have suggestions for new product ideas, get in touch with our customer support team. We appreciate your interest and value your feedback.

If you have inquiries about our capabilities, it’s a good idea to give us a call at 1-866-575-1307 or talk to us through our chat or e-mail us at

Our experts will be able to assist you with what you need for your application.


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