Post: Welding, Torch and Brazing Lens Selection

Welding, Torch and Brazing Lens Selection

Most people today doing welding are using auto-darkening lenses. These are electronic devices that almost instantaneously become very dark when they sense the presence of a welding arc. In some cases and for certain applications, many welders want to use a fixed welding lens that stays dark all of the time. Because of this Phillips Safety offers a wide range of products to choose from.

Lens Selections for Welding, Torch, and Brazing

Phillips Safety manufactures and sells several types of Passive (Fixed Shade) Welding Filter Lenses. These are lenses that maintain a constant shade of protection. All of our welding filter lenses are made of glass and possess superior optical and scratch resistant properties. They are available in several shapes and sizes as well as certain custom cut to order sizes upon request.

The Lighter Green Shades are for torch work and brazing. Chose the darkest Shade available, and if the work is too dark, move to a lighter Shade. For torch work, soldering, etc. a Shade 4 or Shade 5 is usually needed. Brazing usually requires a Shade 6 or Shade 8. Many have found that the Cobalt Blue Lenses are also suitable for torch work, brazing and heat treating. They were designed to be used for furnace observation. THEY ARE NOT INTENDED FOR WELDING USE!!! The glass has been specially designed for observing molten substances during melting processes.

The Darker Green Shades are Gray/Green lenses meant for Welding. They start with Shade 9 and continue through Shades 10, 11, 12 and 14. These are available in standard sizing and also custom cut to order. They are optically superior to the plastic or other glass lenses in the market and give a clearer view of what you are working on. The lenses eliminate the harmful infrared and ultraviolet energies produced when welding. And the Shade blocks the intense light generated while welding.

The Gold Mirrored Welding Lenses are the same Gray/Green Glass with a Gold Mirror applied. They cut down on the flare from the arc and start to give a bluish appearance to the work being done. Many have compared these to the legendary AO Safety© Cool Blue Welding Lenses no longer available. In addition the Gold Mirrored Lenses reflects additionally 90 % of the infrared radiation (radiated heat) and greatly reduces the heat to which the eyes are exposed.

The Alloweld lenses were first developed for craftsmen doing Aluminum Welding where a bright yellow flare was present. As time has gone on, and more and more processes are using specialized flux’s and materials that produce the intense yellow flare, more and more welders have been finding these very useful in turning out better welds more quickly and with better vision. The Alloweld lenses are actually two types of lenses combined. A standard Welding Shade, with a special Sodium Flare Blocking Lens bonded to it. This combination totally removes the yellow flare. If used with standard stick or arc welding it virtually eliminates the arc and you have the most precise view of your work as it is being done.

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