Post: Welding, Torch and Brazing Lens Selection

Welding, Torch and Brazing Lens Selection

Most people today doing welding are using auto-darkening lenses. These are electronic devices that almost instantaneously become very dark when they sense the presence of a welding arc. In some cases and for certain applications, many welders want to use a fixed welding lens that stays dark all of the time. Because of this Phillips Safety offers a wide range of products to choose from.

Phillips Safety manufactures and sells several types of passive (fixed shade) welding filter lenses. These are lenses that maintain a constant shade of protection. All of our welding filter lenses are made of glass and possess superior optical and scratch resistant properties. They are available in several shapes and sizes as well as certain custom cut to order sizes upon request.

For torch work and brazing, lighter green shades like Shade 4 or Shade 5 are typically used, with the option to adjust to darker shades if necessary. For brazing, a Shade 6 or Shade 8 is commonly preferred. Darker green shades ranging from Shade 9 to Shade 14 are specifically tailored for welding, offering superior optical quality compared to other materials like plastic or alternative glass lenses. Available in standard sizes or custom-cut to order, these lenses provide a clearer view of the welding task at hand while effectively blocking harmful infrared and ultraviolet energies emitted during welding, ensuring safety and precision.

The Gold Mirrored welding lenses feature the same gray/green glass base with a gold mirror coating, effectively reducing glare from the welding arc while introducing a bluish hue to the work area. Often likened to the renowned AO Safety© Cool Blue welding lenses, which are no longer on the market, these lenses provide comparable benefits. Furthermore, the Gold Mirrored lenses reflect an additional 90% of infrared radiation, significantly minimizing the heat reaching the eyes and enhancing safety during welding tasks.

Initially developed for craftsmen engaged in aluminum welding to counter the prevalent bright yellow flare, Alloweld lenses have become increasingly popular as more processes utilize specialized fluxes and materials generating intense yellow flares. The Alloweld lenses comprise two integrated lens types: a standard welding shade combined with a specialized sodium flare blocking lens, effectively eliminating the yellow flare. When employed in standard stick or arc welding, they virtually eradicate the arc, providing unparalleled precision in observing the ongoing work.

Also known as Neotherm, the Cobalt Blue lens is specifically engineered for furnace and molten metal observation, widely employed in foundries, steelworks, glassworks, fiberglass, ceramics plants, and other high-temperature environments where eye protection is essential. Phillips Safety provides Neotherm lenses in Shades 4, 5, 6, and 8, effectively absorbing UV radiance and harmful infrared emissions within the 780 to 2000nm range, suitable for temperatures ranging from 1,290 to 1,800° Celsius, and certified to EN 166 and EN 171 standards. It’s crucial to note that these lenses should not be utilized for welding applications.

The Super Magenta Drop-In Welding Lens represents a significant innovation in welding optics, designed to complement your existing welding lens setup. Crafted from acrylic, it effectively reduces yellow flare, enhancing color accuracy and visual clarity during welding tasks. By utilizing advanced materials, this lens eliminates yellow and orange hues from the spectrum while intensifying other colors. While standard green lenses block ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wave energies, they do not fully address the bright and potentially harmful visible light spectrum. However, the Super Magenta Drop-In surpasses standard solutions, providing exceptional clarity and protection against visible light. These should not be used independently to prevent potential eye damage.

The Super Blue Drop-In Welding Lens is a groundbreaking solution to enhance welding optics when used alongside your regular welding lens. Constructed from durable polycarbonate, it effectively blocks the yellow/orange segment of the visible spectrum (589-600nm), significantly improving vision clarity by reducing arc brightness and eliminating yellow flare. While standard green lenses effectively shield against ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wave energies, they fall short in addressing the intense and potentially harmful visible light spectrum. The Super Blue Drop-In fills this gap, ensuring a safer and clearer view during welding operations. This lens should not be used independently to prevent the risk of permanent eye damage.

The Clear Welding Magnifier Lens, crafted from clear polycarbonate, boasts durability and clarity, providing an enhanced image for welders. Equipped with an anti-scratch coating, these lenses ensure long-lasting quality. With a compact rectangular shape measuring 2 inches in height and 4.25 inches in width, Phillips Safety offers these magnifier lenses in eight different magnifications ranging from 0.75 to 2.50, catering to diverse welding needs.

Phillips Safety’s Fiber Laser Welding Lens or Filter Plates are crafted with advanced materials, offering shade options of 3.0 or 5.0 for welding IR shade and laser protection. These plates allow users to adjust darkness levels, ensuring safety and improved visibility during welding. Laser protection is a key focus, blocking harmful radiation while permitting necessary visible light for precise tasks. Designed for clear vision without compromising safety or comfort, these plates represent the pinnacle of welding safety standards.

The Clear Glass Cover Lens provides top-notch protection against dust, weld spatter, and impact, featuring a high-quality material ideal for replacing non-hardened clear glass cover lenses in welding helmets. Manufactured by Phillips Safety, these cover lenses are conveniently sized at 2 inches in height, 4.25 inches in width, and 2 mm thick, ensuring compatibility with most brand name helmets while offering reliable shielding for welders.


In conclusion, Phillips Safety offers a comprehensive range of welding lenses and accessories meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of welders across various industries. Our fixed shade options are crafted with advanced materials to ensure superior protection, clarity, and durability. Whether it’s the innovative Super Magenta Drop-In or the precision-engineered Fiber Laser Welding Lens, welders can trust Phillips Safety to provide cutting-edge solutions that prioritize safety and performance. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Phillips Safety continues to set the standard in welding optics, empowering welders to work with confidence and precision while safeguarding their vision.

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