Post: Welding Lenses: Gold vs. Green

Welding Lenses: Gold vs. Green

When it comes to welding, protecting your eyes is paramount. That’s why choosing the right welding lens is crucial for safety. Welding equipment like goggles, helmets, and masks all rely on quality glass safety lenses to shield your eyes and face from potential harm. But not all lenses are created equal. Some provide only basic protection from sparks and debris, leaving your eyes vulnerable to harmful infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Understanding the differences between lens options is key to ensuring your safety on the job.

At Phillips Safety Products, Inc., we’re dedicated to offering a diverse array of high-quality welding lenses, each renowned for its exceptional quality and strict adherence to industry safety standards. Our lenses boast a range of features that set them apart: available in standard sizes and shades, with customizable options upon request; they provide added safety by offering protection from sodium flare; meticulously crafted from premium German glass, ensuring distortion-free, striation-free, and bubble-free performance; and our extensive welding product line includes eyewear, sheets, and lenses tailored to a wide range of welding applications.

Now, let’s dive into a comparative analysis of our top-tier welding lens options: green lenses and gold-coated lenses. These lenses are specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of welders, offering distinct advantages and features. By examining their unique qualities and benefits, we aim to provide you with the insights necessary to make an informed decision regarding your eye protection requirements.

Our green welding lenses, manufactured by Schott Glass in Germany, offer comprehensive protection from all three types of welding radiation. These lenses boast exceptional optical clarity and visual acuity, with a grey-green tint that reduces eye fatigue by dimming bright flares and minimizing scattered light. Photometrically tested to meet optical class 1 standards, these lenses are a top choice for eye protection.

Key Features:

  • High optical quality
  • Resistance to radiation-induced dimensional changes
  • Reduced eye fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in shades 4-14 in in circular (50 mm), small (2 x 4.5), and large (4.5 x 5.25) rectangular sheets

Our gold-coated welding lenses provide all the benefits of green lenses, with the added advantage of extra protection from infrared radiation. Featuring a gold mirror coating on the standard green lens, these lenses reflect 90% of infrared radiation, reducing heat exposure to the eyes. The reflective surface also helps minimize eye strain, making them ideal for prolonged welding sessions.

Key Features:

  • Superior optical quality and visual acuity
  • Dimensional stability
  • High resistance to infrared radiation
  • Reflective surface for reduced eye fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in shades 9-14 in small (2 x 4.25) and large (4.5 x 5.25) rectangular sheets

We take pride in our collaboration with Schott Glass to provide outstanding eye protection solutions. Our extensive range of lenses offers unparalleled defense against welding radiation hazards, guaranteeing your safety during work. Whether you require eyewear, sheeting, or lenses, we offer a comprehensive selection to meet your needs. Explore our full collection of welding safety products on our website or reach out to us directly for more information or to request personalized solutions. Your safety remains our utmost priority.

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