Post: Welding Lenses: Gold vs. Green

Welding Lenses: Gold vs. Green

A welder’s most important instrument is inarguably the eyes, so choosing the right welding lens should be a safety priority. Welding goggles, helmets, and masks all rely on a well-constructed, glass safety lens to protect the face and eyes. Along with optimum protection, the safety lens should also be able to provide a clear view of the task at hand.Because the welding lens is the most crucial component of your eye safety equipment, it is imperative that you know – and understand – the differences between the distinct lens options that exist. Some may offer an additional layer of protection necessary for your particular welding applications while others may only shield your eyes from sparks and debris, leaving them prone to potentially dangerous infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Yes, your lens has more power than you may have thought, so let’s learn a little about two of the best lens options currently available on the market.

Welding Lenses: Technical Data and Protecting Your Eyes

Let’s examine two of the most popular kinds of welding lenses: green lenses and gold-coated lenses. Both are stocked and sold by Phillips Safety Products, Inc., have received excellent reviews, are made to meet the highest standards, and are considered industry leaders. Before we go into the specific differentiators between green and gold-coated lenses, here’s a quick rundown of the specs that can be expected from either of these products.

  • Phillips Safety Products, Inc. flat lenses come in standard sizes and shades.
  • Custom sizes and shapes are available by request.
  • Phillips Safety Products, Inc. also offers standard welding shades with additional protection from sodium flare.
  • All welding lenses are made from high-quality German glass guaranteed to be free of distortion, striations, and bubbles.
  • The Phillips Safety line of welding products includes eyewear, sheets, and lenses suited for all welding applications.

Of course, utilizing eye protection during welding is an obvious expectation, but why is it so important to choose specially designed eyewear? Well, the human eye is a delicate optical instrument that can be damaged from mere overexposure to certain kinds of light radiation that occur during welding operations. Harmful optical radiation is emitted during the welding process in three forms: ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, and visible radiation (otherwise known as visible light). The intensity of the radiation depends on the welding operations and melting temperature of the metal in question, but it is always present in some form.Each type of radiation affects the eye differently and because ultraviolet and infrared radiation is invisible to the naked eye they pose an extreme threat to your eye health if you choose to weld without the proper protection. Ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the cornea and can eventually lead to keratitis and conjunctivitis. Bursts of visible radiation can temporarily diminish visual acuity with potentially long-term damage resulting from prolonged exposure while infrared radiation can cause a permanent reduction in vision.Any way you look at it, welding necessitates extremely specialized equipment that can absorb and reflect harmful radiation emissions. Enter welding protection glass. Both the green lens and gold-coated lens offer optimal protection from welding-related radiation, ensuring your safety as well as continued eye health.

The Green Lens

The Athermal green lenses offered by Phillips Safety Products, Inc. are made in Germany by Schott Glass. This high-quality welding glass offers protection from all three kinds of radiation present during welding operations. These lenses provide extreme optical clarity and visual acuity while the grey-green color helps prevent eye fatigue by dimming bright flares and reducing scattered light. Additionally, Athermal lenses are photometrically tested in order to meet optical class 1 standards on both the national and international levels, making them top of the line eye protection filters.Features include:

  • High optical quality
  • Dimensional stability resistance to radiation
  • Decreased eye fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in shades 4-14
  • Available in circular (50 mm), small (2 x 4.5), and large (4.5 x 5.25) sheets

Gold Coated Lens

The Athermal gold-coated lenses offer all of the benefits of green lenses plus the addition of extra protection from infrared radiation. These lenses are comprised of the standard green lens with a gold mirror coating. This coating reflects 90% of infrared radiation and reduces the heat to which the eyes are exposed. It also reduces eye strain to a greater degree than the green lens due to the reflective surface which reverts both IR and UV spectrum radiation at a higher rate than the standard lens. These lenses are also up to national and international standards, photometrically tested, and developed to outlast inferior brands.Features include:

  • Superior optical quality and visual acuity
  • Dimensional stability
  • High resistance to radiation (especially infrared)
  • Reflective surface that prevents eye fatigue
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Available in shades 9-14
  • Available in small (2 x 4.25) and large (4.5 x 5.25) sheets

Phillips Safety Products, Inc. is pleased to work with Schott Glass, a company that crafts its products with extreme attention to detail, utilizing superior research and development to deliver the very best in eye protection. The lenses we offer provide excellent protection from the dangers of infrared, ultraviolet, and visible radiation. Whether you are looking for eyewear, sheeting, or lenses, we have a solution that will keep you safe and make you happy. If you would like to learn more about our line of welding safety products or request customized products, please visit our website or feel free to contact us directly. We are always glad to help because your safety is our business.

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