Post: Ten benefits of Passive Welding filters

Ten benefits of Passive Welding filters

Welding is a dangerous profession. The heat of the torch could seriously harm the welder. Welders need serious protective gear. One essential piece of protection equipment for any welder are the protective lens. You need a lens that protects your eyes while still allowing you to see well. There are two types of protective lens, passive and auto darkening. Auto darkening lens have grown in popularity in recent years, but there are still many reasons to use a passive filter.1. Optically sound: Auto-darkening filters can adjust to the intense light of the welding torch, but passive filters are more optically sound. When a filter is more optically sound, the user can see details more clearly. Having an optically sound lens seems unimportant, but in welding details are important. Passive filters allow the wearer to see points they are trying to weld clearly, allowing for a better welding job. The clarity offered by passive filters improves performance, leading to more satisfied customers.2. Ability to swap out: Auto-darkening filters do darken automatically, but often they only offer a few shades. The filters also only offer one shade for each level of light. If a particular shade does not work for you, then the auto-darkening filter is frustrating to use. Passive welding filters do not darken automatically, but you can switch the filters out. If you want a particular shade based on the light level, then you can keep that filter available. When the time comes to use a particular filter, you simply reach out and grab the right filter. If you need multiple shades available, then you may find that passive filters are a better option.3. Cost-effective: Welding is intense. It is not uncommon to break your filters over the course of the day. Auto-darkening filters are expensive, and losing one is quite frustrating. Passive welding filters are extremely inexpensive, so losing one is not a problem. Because passive welding filters are cost-effective, you can afford to have several on hand, and they are easy to replace.4. Extremely lightweight: Passive welding filters are found in traditional helmets. These helmets are lightweight in comparison to auto-darkening helmets. With a lightweight helmet, welders can quickly adjust their head. Many welders find the increased comfort from a lightweight helmet good for their work. If you are looking for a lightweight option, then you need a passive welding filter.5. No batteries required: Auto-darkening lens are cool, but they need batteries to operate. The batteries are necessary for the lens to adjust. While the auto-darkening is helpful, but requiring batteries whenever you want to weld is frustrating. Having to stop midway through a project and swap your batteries out can even impact your work. When working on a welding project keeping your focus is critical, switching out batteries is an unnecessary distraction. Passive welding filters do not require any batteries. Passive filters do not require batteries. When you start a job wearing a passive welding filter, you never have to stop and change batteries. Stay focused on the job with passive welding filters.6. No sensitivity controls: Other welding filters include sensitivity controls to achieve the necessary light sensitivity. Reaching the optimum sensitivity level takes time, and you will need to adjust the sensitivity every time you start welding. Losing valuable time to sensitivity controls is extremely frustrating. For some welders, changing the sensitivity is distracting and impacts their work. If you know the shade you want, then a passive welding filter is ideal for you. Passive filters already have a set sensitivity. Find the right sensitivity for you, and a passive filter will deliver every time.7. Extremely comfortable: Passive welding filters are usually pretty comfortable to wear. Too often people ignore comfort when purchasing safety gear. Uncomfortable safety equipment is unsafe. If your filter is uncomfortable, then you will be tempted to readjust your helmet. Each readjustment brings the risk of damaging your eyes. Passive filters are comfortable, so you will never have to adjust your helmet. The comfort level found in passive welding filters will keep the welder focused improving their quality of work.8. Safety: Welding filters are necessary when welding. Without a filtered lens your eyes could be severely damaged. Passive welding filters are excellent for preventing injuries to your eyes. To prevent eye injuries, all welders should invest in welding filters.9.  Extremely durable: When you purchase a product you expect it to stand the test of time. Passive welding filters are extremely durable and will hold up to months of use. Auto-darkening filters are much more fragile. The filter can be damaged if not handled correctly, and helmets that use these filters include sensors that are sensitive to damage. Consistently replacing filters can get expensive. Welders looking for a durable filter should consider passive filters.10. Simplicity: Passive welding filters are quite simple. Welding students are looking to keep things simple while learning the trade. A passive welding filter is extremely easy to install and does not require any adjustments. Many veteran welders prefer a filter that is easy to use as well. While there are other welding filter options, the simplicity offered by passive welding filters is a significant benefit.

Welding filters are essential to the profession. Without a quality welding filter, your eyes will be harmed. Passive welding filters present many advantages to the wearer. To find the best welding filters, you should contact us. We will help you find the best passive welding filters possible.

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