Post: Reducing the yellow flare while welding

Reducing the yellow flare while welding

Welding is a process that uses heat and pressure to join metals together. One instance of welding hazards is the damage it can cause to your eyes because of the visible light.  This can cause “flash blindness” which can red, tearful eyes and even blind spots in your vision which is why it is important to wear the correct eye protection while welding.At Phillips-Safety we offer the Super Magenta Drop In Welding Lens that helps reduce the yellow flare while welding.  This acrylic lens gives even better flare reduction than the Super Blue, and it enhances the color and visual clarity of your work. This is also a drop-in lens and needs to be used along with your standard welding shade. The advanced material used to make this lens erases the yellow and orange colors of the spectrum while enhancing the other colors. The resulting view is outstanding.Check out our user friendly website for all you welding eye protection needs.-Jessica

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