Post: Phillips Safety on Welding Safety: Sodium Flare Reduction

Phillips Safety on Welding Safety: Sodium Flare Reduction

Welding has always been considered something of a dangerous occupation due to the high percentage of eye and face related work injuries reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It goes without saying that safety equipment is a must in the industry, but not all products are created equal. With the proper use of today’s most advanced safety technology, the modern welder can achieve maximum protection from exposure and injury.Phillips Safety Products, Inc. is committed to researching and developing the very best in safety materials that provide protection without hindering the ability to work. Though we are a manufacturer and distributor of eye safety for a variety of fields we pride ourselves on updating our products to reflect the latest safety selections of the highest quality. As a result of our efforts, advances have been made in welding eye safety lenses that focus on filtering and deflecting harmful light wavelengths while increasing the level of contrast for a clearer field of vision.Read on to learn more about the latest advancements in sodium orange flare reduction in welding.

Why Eye Safety?

One of the greatest risks that welders face on a daily basis is exposure to invisible wavelengths of light (UV rays). Because UV rays are not visible to the eye, exposure can be particularly dangerous, causing conditions such as photokeratitis (sometimes referred to as welder’s flash or arc eye), which causes the cornea to swell, and creates sensitivity to light and pain. Of course, UV exposure and eye damage are common knowledge in the world of welding so most eye safety products are already equipped to handle these particular wavelengths of light. As a general rule, eye safety products are tested and verified for shade, UV transmissions, infra-red transmissions, and blue light transmissions.However, even visible light in the middle of the wavelength spectrum can be harmful to the eyes with repeated exposure. Sodium orange flare is one such emission that is visible to the eye and potentially dangerous due to its increased brightness.

What is Sodium Orange Flare?

Sodium orange flare is produced by welding and brazing fluxes which contain alkaline metal salts such as sodium chloride. When the flux is heated in open flame welding it emits an exceedingly bright yellow-orange incandescence commonly referred to as “sodium orange flare”. Additionally, the production of sodium orange flare is particularly prevalent when welding aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron.

How Do Our Products Prevent Sodium Flare Exposure?

All of our welding products are tested and verified to filter and block UV and infrared light, but now our line of sodium flare reduction lenses offers the ability to replace your existing lenses or simply add an additional layer of safety. With three state-of-the-art varieties of sodium-flare reduction lenses, you can be sure that you are protected from all potential threats to your eyes.

Our Sodium Flare Reduction Collection

Below, you will find a complete breakdown of product statistics for each of the three varieties currently available in our line of sodium-flare reduction lenses.


Our AlloWeld aluminum glass welding lenses are made of a composite material that combines the ability to filter out UV and infrared lights with a combination of earth metals that increase flare reduction as well as color contrast for enhanced vision. Because of this dual ability, these lenses have been designed to replace your existing welding lenses. With the ability to block invisible light threats as well as its excellent results of eliminating the welding arc, they provide an unparalleled vision of both the weld puddle and your work environment.Made from high-quality German glass that is heavily inspected to ensure no distortions, these lenses offer immense durability and scratch resistance. The lenses also meet the ANSI welding lens standards so you can be sure you are buying the highest quality product available. AlloWeld lenses completely eliminate sodium flare during welding and brazing and are recommended for work on aircraft, boats, radiators, and refrigeration units.Alloweld lenses are available in the following shades and sizes:

  • Small (2” x 4.25”)
  • Large (4.5” x 5.25”)
  • Shades of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

Super Blue

While AlloWeld is designed to replace your current safety glasses, our Super Blue drop-in lenses are an addition to your current lenses. Use Super Blue in combination with your welding lenses to cut down on flare from your torch or arc. These drop-in lenses are made of high-end optical-quality polycarbonate for clarity and durability. These lenses should be fitted behind your primary lens for the best results.Super Blue drop-in lenses are available in the following sizes:

Super Magenta

Like the Super Blue variety, Super Magenta drop-ins are also designed to be an addition to your current welding glasses. These are also designed to be fitted behind your current lenses and offer a highly specific reduction of certain wavelengths. Super Magentas are targeted to reduce and eliminate wavelengths in the yellow spectrum while increasing visual acuity, enhancing contrast, and drastically improving color discernment.Super Magenta drop-in lenses are available in the following sizes:

If you would like more information about sodium flare reduction or any of our other welding safety products, please feel free to contact us. We are excited to share our fantastic inventory of safety and knowledge with you, while simultaneously offering the best in comfort and visual acuity. Our staff is ready and waiting to help. We look forward to helping you meet your safety needs!

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