Post: Gold-Coated – The Gold Standard of Welding Lenses

Gold-Coated – The Gold Standard of Welding Lenses

Many activities call for the use of proper eye protection. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in welding. In dealing with flying sparks, bits of molten slag jumping up from the work area, and the intensely bright light of the arc, welders need to protect their eyes from both debris and damaging radiation.


Welding helmets cover your face and provide eye protection by utilizing special protective lenses. As in the eyeglass industry, lenses are available in both plastic and glass. And just as some sunglasses are tinted to absorb light and others mirrored or polarized to reflect light, welding lenses are available either in various colors or coated in a mirrored gold finish.

Colored lenses absorb incoming light but do not absorb all frequencies equally, and can distort colors. Gold lenses reflect rather than absorb light. They restrict light from passing through the lens and give you a truer color palette. Both types will prevent damaging levels of UV light from reaching your eyes, so usage generally amounts to a matter a personal preference.

Our athermal gold lenses are made of the highest quality glass by Schott, the renowned German manufacturer. They offer high optical quality, dimensional stability, resistance to radiation, and are scratch resistant. They reflect 90% of infrared radiation (radiated heat), greatly reducing the heat to which a welder’s eyes are exposed. For convenience and variety, our gold-coated lenses are available in shades 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14, and in two sizes: small (2” x 4.25”) and large (4.5” x 5.25”).


Phillips Safety offers both gold coated welding lenses and AlloWeld gold coated glass welding lenses, each with unique features tailored to meet the diverse needs of welders.

Manufactured from High-Grade European Welding Glass: Phillips Safety Products’ Gold Coated Welding Lenses are crafted from top-quality European welding glass, known for its exceptional clarity and durability.

Pure Gold Mirror Coating: These lenses are then coated with a pure gold mirror coating, enhancing their durability and ensuring clarity even after prolonged use.

Composite Lens Technology: The AlloWeld Gold Coated Welding Lens is a composite lens that combines the IR and UV protection of standard gold-coated green welding glass with special flare-reducing and contrast-enhancing earth metals.

Improved Vision: By reducing the harsh yellow flare common in most welding procedures, the AlloWeld Gold Coated Lens enhances vision, practically eliminating the arc during welding and allowing welders to see the weld puddle and their work clearly.

We know our Schott lenses are a superior product, but don’t just take our word for it. Read some excerpts from comments left by our satisfied customers:

“I have used athermal gold lens[es] for over 10 years. The clearest lens I have ever found. No distortion or double images.”

– J. Smith

“What an awesome product! The visibility and clarity is great!”

– C. Fraser

“These gold glass athermal lenses are great! They are very clear and [offer] high visibility…thanks, Phillips, for supplying these. I have Googled these lenses and you are the only web site I can find.”

– A. Johnson


Visit our website to read more about our gold-coated welding lenses. To the serious welder, these could be worth their weight in gold.

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