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Flare Reducing Lenses

To be able to do your job well, you need to be able to see what you are working on.

Flare Reducing Welding Lenses

At Phillips Safety it is our commitment to provide the best glasses, goggles and lenses to do this. For years Welders have been asking us if we have a “Blue” lens, like the old AO Cool Blue. Unfortunately that lens is long gone and a replacement for it was not so easy to make. We have been working for many years to provide a line of flare reducing lenses for welding. Today we have four products that do just that.

The first we introduced was the gold mirrored glass lens. This lens has excellent clarity and knocks down the flare from the arc by more than half. It also reflects most of the heat from welding so it also adds to your physical comfort.

We then developed the Alloweld. We had been making this lens for years in Shades 8 and lower for Aluminum welding. We then were able to develop a process to make it in Shades up to 14. It has become a favorite of pipe welders for the outstanding clarity and absolute flare reduction it provides. Many have compared it and in fact claim it works even better than the AO Cool Blue ! It totally eliminates the arc when you are welding and you see only the puddle and your work. This is our top of the line glass lens. It is expensive and well worth it. Welders who had been loaned this lens to test for us have refused to return it. They insisted on buying the prototypes. That speaks for itself.

The next in line of our Flare Reducing Products is the Super Blue Drop in. We realized that the Alloweld may be beyond the budget of many in the community so we wanted to develop a lower cost alternative that duplicates the performance of the Alloweld,. The Super Blue is this lens. It is a polycarbonate “Drop in” lens. You use it in addition to your standard welding shade. So if you are using a Shade 11, just drop it in behind the main lens and it will erase the flare. People have been giving this lens excellent reviews and we expect it to become a standard in the industry.

The latest and greatest in our line of Flare Reducing Lenses is the Super View Drop In. This acrylic lens gives even better flare reducing properties than the Super Blue, and also enhances the color and visual clarity of the work. This is also a drop in lens and needs to be used along with your standard welding shade. The advanced material used to make this lens blocks the yellow and orange colors of the spectrum and enhances the other colors so the resulting view is outstanding. When you are being paid to make a perfect weld, perfect vision is indispensable. The Super View lens gives you that perfect vision.

We encourage our customer to experiment with different combinations of all of these lenses. Many have tried the Super Blue with one of our Gold Mirrored standard shades and have told us that it was just like using an AO Cool Blue ! Now for less that $70 that’s one heck of a bargain !!! We will put package deals together if you want to buy multiple quantities of the lenses, so feel free to call our sales department with your requirements.

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