Post: An Introduction to Safety Eye Wear for Welding and Torching

An Introduction to Safety Eye Wear for Welding and Torching

You don’t have to be a professional welder to know that whenever you are welding or torching, your eyes need protection. It’s just common sense. So if you are a welder in need of some updated safety eye wear or you are beginning a welding project for the first-time and need a high quality safety option to protect your eyes, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will walk you through an introductory guide that will help you understand the various lens options for eye protection when welding.

  1. Alloweld Lenses: These lenses are designed to protect the eyes when a worker is brazing stainless steel, aluminium, and bronze or when they are welding. They are ideal for welding such things as refrigerator units, boats, cars, radiators, and air crafts. The Alloweld lenses are built with German glass that guarantees distortion-free clarity. The lenses are also designed to cut down on sodium flare while maximizing the contrast of colors with the purpose of helping you better see the welded material’s temperature as well as any puddling that might be occurring. Like any other pair of high quality, protective lenses, the Alloweld lenses meet and exceed the ANSI safety standards and are coated with anti-scratch protection. The Alloweld lenses come in an emerald green color, but with four different shade options including 4, 5, 6, and 8.
  2. Super Blue Drop in Welding Glasses: The most important thing that welding glasses can do is protect the eyes from three wave energies. These wave energies include visible light, ultraviolet light (UV), and infrared light (IR). The problem with the wave energies UV and IR is that though they are dangerous, they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Visible light, on the other hand, is obviously visible (the name is a bit of a giveaway) and it is incredibly bright and painful for the eyes. If you are working around visible light, the basic welding glasses built with green filters simply won’t do an adequate job on their own.The visible light that you might be exposed to when welding comes from the yellow and orange colors around the flares. You need to be able to block out the harmful colors with a blue polycarbonate lens. The key is to use these blue drop in filters along with your standard green filters; on its own, the blue polycarbonate lens will not offer sufficient protection and will leave your eyes exposed to damage. Remember, you will only need to use these blue drop-in filters with your regular welding glasses if you will be working around yellow and orange colors. The blue drop in filters are easy to use and you simply insert them behind your regular lenses. Just make sure that the blue polycarbonate lenses aren’t exposed to any spattering since this will erode the polycarbonate material.
  3. Super Magenta Drop in Lenses: An eye protection option that is considered a step up from the Blue Drop in Lenses is the Super Magenta Drop in option. Although, as we stated above, the Blue Drop in Lenses do an excellent job of blocking yellow and orange colors that are harmful for the eyes, they aren’t as effective at reducing glare. The Super Magenta Drop in Lenses, on the other hand, do cut down on glare. The lenses are made out of an acrylic material and in addition to reducing glare, they enhance visual clarity and color. Like the Blue Drop in Lenses, the Super Magenta Drop in Lenses are not meant to be used alone, rather along with your normal welding shades. When you are performing in a fairly dangerous setting like a welding area, you need the best vision possible and these Super Magenta Drop in Lenses help you achieve perfect clarity. That is why if you anticipate being exposed to a lot of glare, you need these lenses in addition to your normal ones. Remember, you cannot use these lenses alone. By doing so, you are exposing your eyes to possible permanent damage.
  4. Economy Torching Glasses: If you need protective eye wear for torching work, but you are working on a limited budget, these $30 Economy Torching Glasses are perfect. In addition to being affordable, these torching glasses are light in weight, making them comfortable for anyone who needs eye protection that they can wear for several hours at a time. These glasses also come with side shields for added protection. If you aren’t a fan of full-face masks or goggles, you will love these lightweight glasses. Along with the purchase of these glasses, you also get a retainer cord and a protective carrying case.
  5. Model 55 Torching and Welding Safety Goggles: Although they aren’t as slimming and lightweight as the Economy Torching Goggles, they are still ultra comfortable, durable, and they do an excellent job of protecting the eyes when you are torching or welding something. An added perk of this eye wear option is that they can fit over regular glasses, making it perfect for people who were prescription lenses on a daily basis. These goggles are also extremely comfortable, thanks to the soft padding that securely seals around the eyes and keeps harmful elements out.

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