How Laser Safety Glasses Ratings Work

Laser safety glasses are designed to protect against a range of different wavelengths. Yet there isn’t really a specific pair of laser safety glasses you can pick that would be great for all laser wavelengths. We’ll go through what to look for and how to choose the best laser safety glasses for your situation. Remember that laser safety glasses can also come with a prescription making them prescription laser safety glasses. 

Beyond just what wavelength the laser is on, you also want to ensure that you also factor in how strong the laser itself will be and a few other factors known as optical density (OD) and visible light transmission (VLT). 

Optical Density is a measurement of how much of the laser is actually blocked out. Specifically how much the lens itself will block out those lasers at a specific wavelength or focused wavelength range. The higher the OD is, the more light is actually blocked out. 

Visible light transmission (VLT) is about how much actual light you can see, not just from the laser, but completely. So when it comes to looking for the best laser safety glasses, you’ll typically start to look at lower VLT ratings. That’s because the lower the percentage, the less light comes in and the darker the vision will be. 


If you’re not wearing these laser safety glasses, or if you’ve opted in for laser safety goggles, then they aren’t there to protect your eyes and your eyesight. Lasers can significantly damage your sight, so you want to ensure you wear your laser safety glasses at all times and have them at the right rating. Don’t just grab the first pair of laser safety glasses and think they’re ok. 

At Phillips Safety Glasses, we carry a variety of options that will fit your needs. Always ensure you find the specific lenses for the type of laser you’re working with. For example, we have a dedicated section just for those who work with IPL Machines, which is common with dermatological work. In fact, we also offer eye covers for patients that have an extremely high optical density of 7+ as well as a VLT rating of 0%, so there’s no chance of the light getting through to the eyes. 

Our options can include those with a lower optical density and a higher VLT rating if the brightness and power of the laser are weaker, so you won’t have to dampen your vision as much as with the more powerful or pulsing laser options.


Many of our laser safety glasses can come with a prescription directly online for your convenience. Feel free to check out additional information on all the various lens colors and which ones help make the best laser safety glasses for your needs. As always, we’re ready to answer any other questions you may have regarding our laser safety glasses offering. 

If you still aren’t sure which laser safety glasses are right for you, it’s a good idea to give us a call at 1-866-575-1307 or talk to us through our chat or e-mail us at

Our laser experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.