Post: Safety Glasses for Prescription Eyeglass Wearers: Finding the Right Fit

Safety Glasses for Prescription Eyeglass Wearers: Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to ensuring eye protection in hazardous environments, individuals who wear spectacles face a unique challenge. If you need both corrective eyewear and safety glasses, you have two options to consider. The first option is to purchase prescription safety glasses, which are specifically made to meet your vision needs. However, if you prefer to use your existing glasses or want to avoid the cost of buying another pair of prescription lenses, fitover safety glasses provide a solution.

Fortunately, Phillips Safety offers safety glasses specifically designed to be worn over prescription eyeglasses, providing an extra layer of safety without compromising vision or comfort. These universal-fit frames are designed to fit over most prescription frame shapes and sizes, allowing you to wear your own glasses while still ensuring the necessary eye protection.

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When choosing safety glasses to wear over spectacles, there are several important factors to consider. First and foremost is size and fit. Look for safety glasses that are designed to accommodate the size and shape of your prescription eyeglasses. They should have enough depth and width to comfortably fit over your regular spectacles without causing any discomfort or visual distortion.

Another crucial factor is impact resistance. Safety glasses should meet the appropriate safety standards for impact resistance, such as ANSI Z87.1 in the United States or EN 166 in Europe. These standards ensure that the glasses can withstand impacts from flying debris or particles, reducing the risk of injury.

The lens material is also important. Polycarbonate lenses are commonly used in safety glasses due to their high impact resistance. Plus, they are lightweight and provide excellent optical clarity. All of our safety glasses at Phillips Safety have polycarbonate lenses, providing our customers with superior quality.

Consider the frame design as well. Opt for safety glasses with a wraparound frame design, as they provide better coverage and protect the eyes from multiple angles. This design also helps to minimize the chances of particles or debris entering from the sides.

In conclusion, wearing safety glasses over spectacles is an effective way to protect your eyes in hazardous environments. By considering factors such as size and fit, impact resistance, lens material, and frame design, you can find the right safety glasses that offer both protection and comfort for your specific needs. Prioritizing eye safety is essential, and with the right safety glasses from Phillips Safety, you can maintain clear vision and protect your eyes in potentially dangerous situations.

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