Post: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning and Care for Your Safety Glasses

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning and Care for Your Safety Glasses

Like any other material possession that you own, from your car to the clothes in your closet to your house, the more that you keep your belongings clean and cared for, the longer they will be able to serve your needs.

The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning and caring for your Safety Glasses

This is applicable to the safety glasses that you wear for work or recreational use. Whether you are welding, working in construction, working in a medical lab where you are exposed to lasers or radiation, or doing any other work in a dangerous environment, you undoubtedly depend on your safety glasses to maintain optimum vision and shield your eyes from hazardous elements. But if you don’t properly care for your safety glasses, they won’t be able to protect your eyes the way that they should. In this post, we will take a look at the do’s and dont’s of caring for your safety glasses so that they can protect your eyes the way they were designed to.

  1. Do Have The Right Gear For Storing Your Safety Glasses: What you store your safety glasses in is just as important as the quality of your safety glasses. Whenever you are not using your safety glasses, you should store them away properly in a protective case. Many people have a bad habit of tossing their safety glasses on a workbench at the end of a long day or leaving them laying out somewhere on a counter. Not only does this leave the glasses prone to damage, but they could also end up stolen or lost when they are laying out in the open. Get in the habit of keeping your glasses stored in a protective hard case. Another good option is a soft, microfiber drawstring bag. Make sure the drawstring bag is made of a microfiber material so that the lenses of your safety glasses won’t end up scratched. Additionally, if you end up using a microfiber drawstring bag instead of a protective hard case to store your safety glasses in, have a safe, designated spot for the glasses. Don’t toss them in your backpack, purse, or the bag of the car. A microfiber bag will do a good job of protecting the lenses from scratches, but if you just leave the bag anywhere, the glasses could get sat on, stepped on, or crushed in some other way.
  2. Don’t Clean Your Safety Glasses the Wrong Way: Many people’s idea of cleaning their safety glasses is to remove them from their faces, wipe them off on an old rag or their shirt, and call it a day. The problem, of course, is that this isn’t an effective way of cleaning the safety glasses. In fact, cleaning glasses incorrectly is the number one cause of scratching; so it is important to use the correct method of cleaning your safety glasses. When you clean them the wrong way and end up with scratches on your lenses, it compromises the quality of your glasses as well as your vision when you are working in dangerous environments. Avoid all of these problems by cleaning your safety glasses properly. To do this, follow these five simple steps: inspect your lenses for any dust, dirt, or debris on the surface and lightly blow it off, rinse off your glasses under tepid water, spritz some safe cleaning solution on the lenses, dry the glasses with a soft, microfiber cloth, and finally, store the glasses in your case or drawstring bag.
  3. Do Invest in Some Anti-Fog Solution: Fewer things are more irritating or dangerous than safety glasses that end up fogging up while you are working in a hazardous environment. If you don’t have safety glasses with some anti-fog technology built into the lenses (which the majority of safety glasses have), you should definitely invest in some sort of anti-fog solution. This is an affordable investment that will allow you to quickly and effectively clear your glasses of the fog while you are working.
  4. Don’t Forget Your Cleaning Kit: If your place of employment does not have a cleaning station for your safety glasses, it is of utmost importance that you have a cleaning kit with you at all times when you are working. If something happens to your glasses on the job or your vision is compromised because of dirty lenses, you can swiftly turn to your cleaning kit and have your safety glasses in tiptop shape in no time. For your cleaning kit, including the following products: your protective hard case or microfiber drawstring bag, a microfiber cleaning cloth (make sure it is a microfiber cleaning cloth and not a cleaning cloth made out of some abrasive fiber…this will lead to scratches on your lenses), anti-fog solution, cleaning solution (do not rely on window cleaners or anything else that isn’t specifically designed for cleaning glasses…the improper cleaners will erode special, protective coatings on your safety glasses). You can find most cleaning kits available for purchase online for under $15 and the cleaning products will last you for quite a while. In addition to a cleaning kit, you might also want to buy a retention strap so that your glasses can stay on your person when you are not using them.

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