Post: The Best Glasses to Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse

The Best Glasses to Watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017, brought North America the greatest sky show in the form of a complete solar eclipse. Watching and experiencing this phenomenon was exciting, because no matter where you lived in the United States there was something beautiful happening in the sky. The majority of the population may not have been in the path of totality, however many portions of the country got to at least view a partial eclipse.

The inspiring solar eclipse made many people impatiently waiting for their next chance to see such an amazing sight. According to the Great American Eclipse, it will take place here in 2024. They state that the eclipse path through the U.S.A will start in the South and exit on the East Coast: “The next total solar eclipse in the Americas comes on April 8, 2024. Totality first touches Mexico, enters the United States at Texas, cuts a diagonal to Maine, and visits the maritime provinces of Canada”.


Wearing protective eyewear and having comfortable safety eclipse glasses is a must for enjoyable viewing of the 2024 eclipse. The professionals at Phillips Safety already have glasses available for purchase that are specifically designed for viewing solar eclipses. They are comfortable to wear, while also having exceptionally dark lenses to protect the vision and retinas of a person’s eye.

The solar eclipse glasses offered by Phillips Safety are also ideal for welders to use while working and they are also guaranteed to fall under the requirements for solar viewing as mandated by the International Organization for Standardization (also known as the ISO). The current standards from the ISO specify that lenses for solar eclipse viewing must have adequate protection (under ISO 12312-2:2015) in place when it comes to directly look at the sun. Phillips Safety is proud to be able to meet these requirements and have the eye safety of all their customers in mind when manufacturing solar eclipse glasses.


Solar eclipse glasses are a necessity while looking at a solar eclipse because looking directly at the sun can cause serious and irreversible damage to a person’s eye and vision. Regular, everyday sunglasses do not meet the strength or protection standards required to look boldly at the bright sun, even when it is being partially obscured in an eclipse situation.

There is typically a very strong temptation for individuals to look directly at the sun during an eclipse because the sky appears to be shaded. However, a person can hurt their eyes no matter the time of day or a person’s location in the country if they stare at the sun without adequate protection. Young children and adults all need to be outfitted with eyewear that is specifically designed to be worn during a solar eclipse event. It is important for grown-ups to assist younger kids with their glasses in order to make sure everyone is wearing them properly and not taking them off during the time period of the eclipse.


The 2024 Solar Eclipse will be magnificent and it is important to get solar eclipse glasses early in order to have them on-hand for the big event. Getting protective glasses early especially makes sense for the 2024 solar eclipse because there will be a precursor eclipse happening on October 14, 2023.

This earlier eclipse will have the moon blocking the sun, but not completely. The sun’s edges should still shine out all-around the moon, putting off a beautiful sight. This October 14, 2023 eclipse is an annular solar eclipse. It has also already earned a special nickname according to AccuWeather: “While the next total solar eclipse in the U.S. will not occur until 2024, it will be preceded by an annular solar eclipse just a few months prior. During an annular solar eclipse, the moon is farther away from the Earth, so it is not quite large enough to block out all of the light from the sun. Because of this, this type of eclipse has been given the nickname of the ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse”.

Solar eclipse glasses will be essential during the viewing of the 2023 “Ring of Fire” eclipse because parts of the sun will be shining at all times during the eclipse. It will never be okay to look at the sun’s ring of fire with the bare eye or regular sunglasses. Even the edges of brightness around the moon will hurt a person’s eye and ability to see. The “Ring of Fire” eclipse is one which will have no complete totality, therefore meaning a person cannot ever safely remove their glasses during the eclipse experience because there will be no complete black-out of the sun.


Phillips Safety understands the need to protect customers, especially during once in a lifetime events like a total solar eclipse. It is never okay to look directly at the sun, but during an eclipse, this simple rule can often be forgotten or disregarded. According to USA Today, blurry vision and severe damage to retinas can occur from just 10-20 seconds of staring at the sun without the proper protective eyewear.

Solar eclipse glasses from Phillips Safety are designed to block out over 99% of ultraviolet light and 97% of infrared radiation. These glasses will allow for a clear solar eclipse viewing experience that does not strain or impair a person’s ability to see. We are dedicated to providing solar eclipse glasses that are safe and comfortable for everyone to enjoy the next eclipse without any worries.

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