Post: Seven Essential Features to Look for in Occupational Safety Eyewear

Seven Essential Features to Look for in Occupational Safety Eyewear

Numerous professions pose hazards to workers’ eyes, including construction, welding, and certain medical fields. To safeguard against such risks, it is crucial to wear occupational safety eyewear. However, selecting the wrong type of eyewear can prove detrimental. Therefore, it is imperative to identify specific critical features when choosing occupational safety eyewear.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the seven key features that are critical to ensure the effectiveness of occupational safety eyewear. These features include high impact rating, proper fit, necessary filters, ability to accommodate prescription lenses, design, customer feedback, and durability. By understanding each of these features, you can make informed decisions when purchasing occupational safety eyewear and ensure maximum protection against eye injuries.


  1. High impact rating: High impact resistance is an important feature of occupational safety eyewear, particularly in jobs where high-velocity materials are common. These hazardous particles can severely damage the eyes on impact, leading to permanent injury. Hence, safety eyewear undergoes rigorous testing for high mass impact, requiring the lens to withstand a one-inch diameter projectile weighing about a pound dropped from a height of fifty inches. This test provides critical insights into the lens’s ability to withstand collisions with significant objects. Additionally, safety eyewear must undergo high-velocity impact testing, where a quarter-inch steel ball is fired at 150 feet per second at the lens. These tests may seem extreme, but they are necessary to ensure optimal safety for the wearer. A plus mark rating is assigned to safety glasses that pass these tests, indicating their high level of protection. If your occupation involves a substantial amount of airborne particles, it is essential to invest in safety glasses with a plus mark rating for optimal protection.
  1. Proper fit: Selecting safety eyewear with the correct fit is necessary for multiple reasons. Firstly, in certain professions, a loose-fitting pair of glasses can leave your eyes vulnerable to potential hazards. For instance, in laser-related work, it is imperative to avoid any laser contact with the eyes, as exposure to lasers can cause permanent eye damage. By choosing a perfectly fitting lens, you can protect your eyes from harm and ensure optimal comfort. Comfortable eyewear can help you remain focused on your tasks without the need for frequent adjustments that can expose your eyes to unnecessary risks and distract you from your work.
  2. Necessary filters: In numerous occupations, safety glasses are necessary to shield you from heat or radiation exposure. Welding filters, for instance, must provide protection against the intensity of the welding torch, while laser safety glasses must block laser beams. To safeguard against radiation, these safety glasses are fitted with a specific filter. As such, when buying safety glasses it is vital to carefully read the product description and ensure that the filter aligns with your requirements. With a wide range of filters available for safety glasses, each serving a distinct purpose, it is essential to assess the equipment you will be working with to determine the appropriate filter for your safety glasses.
  3. Ability to accommodate prescription lenses: Seventy-five percent of the US population wears corrective lenses, and many of them work in professions that mandate safety equipment. While it is possible to work without your prescription eyewear, your performance will undoubtedly suffer. Fortunately, some safety glasses are designed to accommodate your glasses under the protective gear. Alternatively, some occupational safety eyewear can be made with your prescription. You only need to provide your prescription information, and your glasses will be tailored to your needs. When purchasing safety eyewear, make sure to consider your prescription eyewear requirements.
  1. Design: While it may seem superficial, the design of your safety glasses is actually a relevant factor to consider. It’s important to look professional and put-together in the workplace, whether you’re dealing with clients or colleagues. If you’re self-conscious about your unflattering safety glasses, you may find yourself constantly adjusting them, which can be a distraction from your work. Fortunately, many safety gear manufacturers like Phillips Safety understand the importance of style and offer a variety of designs to choose from. Select a style that complements your features and makes you feel confident. Feeling and looking your best can boost your performance, so don’t overlook style when choosing your safety gear.
  2. Customer feedback: Thousands of professionals use safety gear in your industry on a daily basis. Their experiences and feedback can help you find the best safety eyewear for your needs. It’s recommended to read multiple user reviews before purchasing safety eyewear. Most safety gear stores provide online reviews, and there are also review sites dedicated to safety gear. By carefully reviewing user feedback, you can gain valuable insight into the advantages and disadvantages of different safety eyewear options, which can help you make an informed decision about the best safety gear for your job.
  3. Durability: Occupational eyewear is an investment that should last a long time, especially since it needs to withstand tough conditions in hazardous workplaces. As such, durability is a critical factor to consider when choosing safety glasses. If the eyewear wears out easily, then it’s not worth the investment. Opt for safety gear that is built to withstand the rigors of your job. Choosing durable safety eyewear will not only keep your eyes protected but also save you money in the long run. Remember, your eyesight is invaluable, and wearing durable occupational safety eyewear is essential to ensure its protection.


Selecting the right occupational safety eyewear is critical to ensure maximum protection against eye injuries. It is important to identify and understand the seven essential features, including high impact rating, proper fit, necessary filters, ability to accommodate prescription lenses, design, customer feedback, and durability. By considering these features, you can make informed decisions when purchasing safety eyewear and avoid any potential risks.

Safety eyewear manufacturers like Phillips Safety offer a wide range of options that prioritize comfort, style, and functionality. Ultimately, prioritizing safety should be the number one goal when choosing occupational safety eyewear, and by considering the seven essential features and browsing through Phillips Safety’s collection, you can ensure optimal protection for your eyes.

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