Post: Seven key features of Occupational Safety Eyewear

Seven key features of Occupational Safety Eyewear

There are hundreds of dangerous professions in society. Construction, welding, and some medical fields have the potential to damage your eyes. To protect yourself you must wear occupation safety eyewear. Occupation safety eyewear is important, but it is possible to buy the wrong eyewear. To get the right occupation safety eyewear, you should look for several important features.1. High impact rating: Many jobs feature material flying at high velocity. These particles can hit your eye, causing permanent damage. Safety eyewear is tested for high mass impact. This test requires the lens survive a one-inch diameter projectile that weighs about a pound hitting the lens after being dropped from fifty inches. This test gives insight into how the lens would react to a collision with a large object. Safety eyewear must be tested for high-velocity impacts. A quarter-inch steel ball is fired at 150 feet per second at the lens. This test is intense, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of the wearer. If a pair of safety glasses passes the tests, then they receive a plus mark rating. If there are a large number of flying particles in your occupation, then you must get safety glasses with a plus mark rating.2. The right fit: When you choose safety eyewear, it must fit perfectly. Fit matters for several reasons. In some fields, having a loose fit can expose your eyes to danger. For example, when working with lasers, the laser should never make contact with your eye. Any exposure to lasers could lead to permanent eye damage. A great fitting lens will prevent any eye damage, but it will also ensure that your eyewear is comfortable. Comfortable glasses keep you focused on your job, instead of focusing on readjusting your glasses. Readjusting your eyewear could expose your eyes to unnecessary danger and distracts you from your job. Most safety gear manufacturers offer several different fits and frames, so finding the right fit should be easy.3. Filters: Many professions require safety glasses to protect you from heat or radiation. For example, welding filters must protect you from the brightness of the torch. Laser safety glasses must block laser rays. These safety glasses come with a specific filter designed to protect from the radiation. Read the description carefully when you purchase your safety glasses. You should be sure that the filter matches your needs. Safety glasses have a wide range of filters, each serving a different purpose. Check the equipment you are working to make sure you are buying the right filter.4. Ability to work with prescription eyewear: Seventy-five percent of Americans wear some form of corrective lens. Many of these Americans work in professions that require safety gear. You might be able to function without your prescription eyewear for short stretches, but you will perform better with your corrective glasses. There are safety glasses that allow you to wear your glasses under the protective gear. This is an excellent option for those that want to put their safety gear on quickly, but it is a little unfashionable. It is sometimes possible to get occupation safety eyewear that includes your prescription. When this is possible, you simply send your prescription information to the store and receive your glasses. When purchasing your safety eyewear, pay careful attention to your prescription eyewear needs.5. Style: It seems pretty vain to worry about style when picking safety gear, but style is still an important factor. You should look your best at work. Whether you are dealing with clients or coworkers, you want everyone to have a good impression of you. If you feel that your eyewear is unstylish, then you will constantly rearrange your glasses, which will distract you from your job. Fortunately, safety gear producers realize the importance of style. Most safety gear comes in several different styles. Pick a style that flatters your features. You will perform your best when you look your best, so pay careful attention to style when purchasing your safety gear.6. Reviews: Thousands of people perform your job every day. These people must purchase safety gear and wear it to protect themselves. Their opinions will guide you towards the right safety eyewear for you. Before you buy your safety eyewear, you should read several user reviews. Many safety gear stores include online reviews, and several review sites focus on safety gear. Read the reviews carefully to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the safety eyewear. If the eyewear is well-reviewed, then it will serve you well in your field.7. Durability: Safety eyewear can be expensive, so you want it to stand the test of time. Your safety gear will endure tough conditions; so it should be built to withstand these conditions. When researching safety eyewear, you should look at the durability first. If the safety eyewear wears out quickly, then you want a different set. Durability is vital to safety gear, so consider this factor. It will save you money in the long run.Your job might be dangerous, but your eyes should stay safe. You need occupation safety eyewear to protect your eyes and keep your eyesight. When purchasing your essential occupation safety eyewear, look for these important factors when buying your safety wear. Your eyes will be glad that you put in the effort. If you need any help searching for safety gear, then contact us. We will gladly help you find the gear you need for your field.

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