Post: Protect Your Eyes during the Next Eclipse with Green Shade 14 Glasses

Protect Your Eyes during the Next Eclipse with Green Shade 14 Glasses

For a long time, individuals faced limitations when it came to directly observing solar eclipses. While certain observatories employed specialized filters on camera lenses to achieve this, the average person had to rely on alternative methods. These methods included observing a projected image of the sun by creating a pinhole in a box and redirecting the light onto a paper surface, or simply watching the eclipse on television. Occasionally, those attending dedicated eclipse-viewing events were provided with disposable glasses, but these were of low quality and unsuitable for other purposes. Consequently, individuals who did not attend such events were left with one of the other two methods, both of which lacked the excitement and engagement of direct viewing.

Experience the thrill of directly observing a solar eclipse without compromising your eye safety or breaking the bank. With our budget-friendly green shade 14 solar eclipse glasses, you can now enjoy the awe-inspiring sight of the pre-totality eclipse without any harm to your retinas. These glasses offer optimal shading, providing the necessary protection against the intense brightness of the event.


Eye protection is of utmost importance during solar eclipses due to the nature of observing the sun. While a solar eclipse reaches total darkness only during its totality phase, when the moon fully covers the sun’s disc, the moments before and after can be particularly challenging. During these phases, the sun’s light reflects off the edges of the moon, intensifying its brightness. Although it may initially appear harmless, this intense brightness can cause more damage than meets the eye.

The potential harm arises from the fact that as an eclipse begins, the light levels on the ground decrease. Consequently, your pupils naturally dilate to allow more light to enter. However, when you direct your gaze towards the sun, your eyes are exposed to the full power of its rays. This exposure can lead to retinal burns and other forms of eye damage. Severe retinal burns can result in a condition known as “eclipse blindness”. While this type of blindness is often temporary, there is no guarantee of complete restoration of vision. Therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions and protect your eyes during solar eclipses to prevent any potential harm.


Paper Projection

During their early years, many individuals become acquainted with a common method for observing an eclipse. This method involves creating a small hole in a cardboard box or another opaque object, aligning the hole with the sun. However, it is important to note that direct viewing through this hole is highly discouraged. Instead, a piece of paper is placed in the path of the incoming light, allowing for the observation of the projected image. While this approach provides a basic understanding of an eclipse, it presents a notable limitation: the resulting image appears incredibly tiny and lacks a sense of realism. For those seeking a more immersive and impactful experience, alternative methods are necessary.

TV Viewing

Many individuals resort to this particular solution, which involves utilizing television cameras equipped with special lens filters specifically designed for capturing the eclipse. The cameras are directed towards the sun, allowing you to comfortably observe the event from the comfort of your home. However, the drawback of this method is that the experience may lack the authenticity and immersive quality that one desires. Watching the eclipse through a television screen can feel disconnected and fail to replicate the awe-inspiring nature of witnessing it firsthand.

Observing Safely with Protective Lenses

To ensure a comprehensive and safe viewing experience, utilizing shade 14 welder’s glasses is the recommended approach. This recommendation comes from NASA, as these glasses offer optimal protection against the intense glare and radiation emitted during an eclipse. Despite their dark tint, they still allow sufficient light transmission to observe the unfolding celestial phenomenon. Moreover, these glasses can be inserted into a sturdy frame, allowing for their use in various activities that necessitate robust protection against intense light, such as welding. By investing in these versatile glasses, you not only safeguard your eyes during an eclipse but also acquire a valuable tool for other high-light-intensity tasks.

Eclipse glasses can also be crafted using a specific variant of mylar material. This specialized mylar is commonly employed in the production of affordable and disposable eclipse glasses enclosed within cardboard frames. Although effective for their intended purpose, these cardboard frames lack the durability required for extended use or for other activities beyond viewing eclipses.


Our shade 14 lenses are crafted from resilient materials and securely embedded in sturdy plastic frames. With the ability to block over 99 percent of UV radiation and 97 percent of infrared rays, these lenses offer exceptional protection. Their unparalleled darkness renders them unsuitable for everyday sunglasses, making them perfectly suited for their intended purpose: eclipse viewing. Notably, their durability extends beyond this celestial event, as they can be seamlessly transitioned for use in welding applications. Designed to withstand the rigors of welding, these glasses are built to last.

Phillips Safety provides a selection of solar eclipse eyewear available in two distinct frame options: glasses and goggles. These options cater to different preferences and requirements, allowing individuals to choose the style that best suits their needs. Whether you prefer the convenience and comfort of glasses or the added protection and coverage offered by goggles, our solar eclipse eyewear ensures that you can safely observe and enjoy solar eclipses without compromising your eye health.

In addition, our collection at Phillips Safety features shade 14 welding glass specifically designed for solar eclipse viewing. Available in green and gold colors, these welding glasses offer optimal protection and visibility during solar eclipses. With a range of formats and sizes to choose from, you can select the ideal shade 14 welding glass that suits your preferences and ensures a safe and enjoyable viewing experience. Explore our selection and embrace the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of solar eclipses with confidence and clarity.

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