Post: Safely Watch the Next Eclipse with These Green Shade 14 Glasses

Safely Watch the Next Eclipse with These Green Shade 14 Glasses

For years, people have been out of luck when it came to directly viewing solar eclipses. While some observatories were able to do it, they did so by using special filters on camera lenses. The average person had to either look at a projection of the sun – created by poking a pinhole in a box and then directing the incoming light onto a paper – or simply watch the event on TV. Those who attend special eclipse-viewing events may be given disposable glasses, but these are cheap and not good for anything else. Plus, people who don’t attend such an event are typically stuck with one of the other two methods, neither of which is really very fun.Now, it is finally possible to directly observe a solar eclipse without hurting your eyes. Even better, you don’t have to hurt your wallet, either. Our affordable green shade 14 solar eclipse glasses provide the heavy shading you need to protect your retinas while looking at the extreme brightness of the pre-totality eclipse.Why Do You Need Eye Protection to View an Eclipse?The basic reason eye protection is needed is simply because it involves staring at the sun. An eclipse only gives total darkness when it is in totality, which is to say, when the moon has entirely blocked the sun’s disc. Just before and after this happens, the sun’s light glares from one side of the moon and appears to be even brighter than usual.At first glance, this might not seem very harmful. However, it is more damaging that it would seem. That’s because as the eclipse begins, light levels at ground level drop. This causes your pupils to dilate to allow more light to enter. Then when you look up, your eyes get blasted with the full power of the sun. This can burn your retinas and otherwise damage your eyes. Severely burned retinas result in “eclipse blindness.” Such blindness is often temporary, but the return of sight is not guaranteed.Methods of Protecting Your EyesProjection Onto PaperMost people learn of one method of viewing an eclipse early in life. In this method, you poke a little hole into a cardboard box or other opaque item. Then, you aim that hole at the sun. You don’t look through this hole, though! Instead, you put a piece of paper in the way of the light coming through it. You then observe the image that is cast onto the paper. The biggest problem with this method is that it produces a super-tiny image that doesn’t even seem real. People who want to get a more impactful experience will need another method.Watching it On TVThis is the solution many people end up using. Television cameras are fitted with special lens filters for the event and then aimed up at the sun. You simply sit at home and watch the results. The problem with this, of course, is that it won’t seem any more real than anything else you see on TV.Watching it Through Protective LensesIt’s the only way to get the most complete experience without risking your sight. NASA recommends the use of shade #14 welder’s glasses for this purpose. It’s dark enough to block the extreme glare and radiation from the sunlight of an eclipse, yet allows enough light through to actually see what’s happening. When this glass is installed into a durable frame, the glasses can later be used for other activities that call for extreme light protection, such as actual welding.A special type of mylar can also be used to create eclipse glasses. This is what is used in those cheap, disposable cardboard frames. While it works, these frames aren’t durable enough to rely on them for other uses.Why Choose Our Shade 14 Glasses?Our shade 14 lenses are made of strong material and set into durable plastic frames. The lenses block over 99 percent of UV radiation and 97 percent of infrared rays. They’re so dark that they can’t be used as regular sunglasses.This makes them great for the purpose they’re intended for, which is viewing eclipses. Once the event ends, you can then use them for welding – they’re made to last.The frame is in the popular Wayfarer style, so you can wear them with no fear of looking goofy as you observe an eclipse. This is great for people who will be holding eclipse parties and other events where looking good is important. It also helps to ensure your comfort. Part of the reason that certain frame styles get popular is their comfort level for long-term wear.It’s easy to carry our glasses with you without worrying about breaks or rips to the frame. This is, of course, because they’re not made out of cardboard! You’ll be able to reuse our glasses for years.Note: When welding, impact- and spark-resistant safety goggles should be used with these glasses. The goggles will cover the open areas and protect your eyes from dangers not related to brightness.To learn more about our purpose-specific safety gear, just contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss your specific needs and point out solutions that will be perfectly suitable for them. We can also create custom safety solutions to meet unique demands.If you already know exactly what you need, just stop by our site instead. There, you can see our catalog of pre-made items and order your necessary supplies with just a few clicks.

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