Post: Can you get Safety Glasses with the Photochromic Lenses (Clear Inside/Sunglasses Out) that Aren’t Prescription?

Can you get Safety Glasses with the Photochromic Lenses (Clear Inside/Sunglasses Out) that Aren’t Prescription?

Photochromic lenses are one of the most popular technological advancements to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades.

Can you get Non-Prescription Safety Glasses with the Photochromic Lenses?

These lenses feature a molecular coating; the molecules morph in shape when exposed to ultraviolet light, darkening the lenses, then revert back to their native form when ultraviolet light is removed. In essence, Photochromic lenses turn themselves into sunglasses in the presence of the sun yet remain perfectly clear at night or indoors.Photochromic lenses have been a particular boon to wears of prescription eyewear. No longer do they need two pairs of prescription glasses, one for regular use and one darkened to act as sunglasses. Now one pair can do it all. But prescription eyewear users aren’t the only ones who can benefit greatly from Photochromic lenses.People who require safety glasses can make use of Photochromic lenses in much the same way as prescription-lens wearers. If you wear safety glasses and go in and out of doors a lot, or work under any conditions that include both natural and artificial light, Photochromic lenses can be used to simplify your life as well as save you money. There’s no need to buy two pairs of safety glasses. One pair, equipped with Photochromic lenses, will handle all light conditions, in and out, day and night.So are non-prescription safety glasses available with Photochromic lenses? They certainly are. Phillips Safety Products carries a line of eight different models that feature clear, non-prescription safety lenses and also incorporate a photochromic coating. These lenses change from clear to dark in eight seconds and from dark to clear in thirty-five seconds. The durable frames meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards, and come with spring-hinged temples for a universal fit and a soft, adjustable nose bridge for all-day comfort. The Photochromic lenses also come equipped with a scratch resistant coating and block out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.Perhaps best of all, since you will not require the cutting of custom prescription lenses, prices are extremely affordable. Any one of the eight non-prescription Photochromic safety eyewear models offered at Phillips Safety can be had for under $45. Chose your favorite; they all offer stylish wraparound protection and a sleek, streamlined look. One pair will protect your eyes – and your pocketbook! – under any and all light conditions.

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