Post: Phillips Safety New Yellow Tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses

Phillips Safety New Yellow Tinted Bifocal Safety Glasses

Looking to increase visual acuity and enable easy reading on the job without switching glasses?

New Bifocal Safety Glasses with Yellow-Tinted Lenses

Phillips Safety released its new line of yellow tinted bifocal safety glasses today, a set of wraparound safety eyewear that offers full ANSI Z87 protection, increases in visual acuity, and the ability to read without switching glasses.

Bifocal safety glasses enable the user to read without switching glasses on the job. They are standard ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses that have a bifocal at the bottom of each lens with a standard reading power, just like the readers you buy at the drug store. This means that you can work in your readers and still read when you need to, since the reading power is out of the way at the bottom of the lens.

If you use reading glasses and need to use safety glasses at home or on the job, here’s why yellow tinted bifocal safety glasses are for you:

  • They increase visual acuity. Tinted bifocal safety glasses are often more a hindrance than a help, but yellow tint is different from most in that it actually makes things appear brighter and increases your contrast and visual acuity.
  • They work for safety and reading. These are ANSI Z87-approved safety glasses, giving you all the impact resistance that a standard pair of safety glasses will, with the added bonus of reading strength at the bottom.
  • Side protection. Wraparound-style safety glasses offer excellent impact resistance as well as excellent side protection and peripheral vision.
  • They’re cool. Phillips’ yellow bifocal safety glasses come in some of their most popular frame styles, giving you the protection you need with the style you like.
  • They come in standard reading strengths. Just like the readers you pick up at the drug store, yellow bifocal safety glasses come in standard reading strengths, ensuring that there’s a pair that’s just right for you.

If you use reading glasses, the Phillips yellow bifocal safety glasses are a great choice for safety, function, and fashion.

The Phillips bifocal safety glasses line comes in several tints, frame types, and sizes. Check out the full offerings on the web site if you’re interested in getting a pair. If you have any questions about Phillips bifocal safety glasses, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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