Post: Benefits Offered by Clip-On Flip-Up Safety Glasses

Benefits Offered by Clip-On Flip-Up Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are necessary for many jobs, but a large number of people find that the standard models are uncomfortable or inconvenient. Those who need to take them on and off all day also find that this type of use is hard on the frames. After several switches between on and off, the frames get weak and eventually break. Because of this, many people look for alternatives to standard safety glasses or goggles.This need is especially great in professions like welding, metal smelting, glassworking, and other jobs that involve looking at sources of extremely bright light. In these jobs, it is typical to have to switch between bright work and normal light on a repeated basis. This causes far more wear on safety glasses than would be caused by someone simply taking their glasses off for breaks. Clearly, workers in these industries need a more durable and adaptable solution.One of the best ways to avoid the negatives is to use clip-on flip-up safety glasses instead of standard glasses or goggles. This style of protection is especially popular with welders because it provides the needed front-facing protection without interfering with peripheral vision. Here are some specific benefits of these glasses:There’s No Need to Forego Your Regular GlassesIn fact, many styles of clip-on flip-up safety glasses are designed to work with standard prescription eyewear. This is a boon for those who already have prescription glasses and don’t want to have to invest in a new pair of prescription safety glasses on top of that. Getting protection from the light of welding is as simple as attaching the clip-ons to the top of the other frames.Clip-On Flip-Up Glasses Last LongerOne of the biggest stressors for eyeglasses is the habit of taking them on and off multiple times per day. Since most people who wear safety glasses take them off for every break and for any tasks that don’t require protection, the frames break down very quickly. This leads to mounting frustration as well as the expense of repeated replacements.Using clip-on flip-up glasses eliminates the problems caused by frequent removal because they never have to be taken completely off. When it’s time for break or you switch to a safe task, just flip them up. Your regular glasses stay on your face either way, so the frame stays in good condition. You also don’t have to worry about wearing out your flip-ups since they have hinges that are meant to be moved in this way.Clip-On Flip-Ups vs. Fitover GogglesBoth of these eye protection styles will work with regular glasses to provide safety against bright light. Some, however, find that fitover goggles make their eye areas uncomfortably hot and humid. Using clip-on flip-up styles eliminates this problem since they allow full air circulation.Clip-On Flip-Ups are also superior to goggles since they’re less likely to get lost. As a bonus, they don’t have to be completely removed once they aren’t needed. This protects the frames of your glasses since there’s nothing for them to get caught up inside.You Don’t Need a Pair of Regular Glasses to Use Clip-On Flip-Up LensesClipping safety glasses to regular ones works great for people who usually use them, but what if you don’t ordinarily use glasses at all? You’re not out of luck with our selection of clip-on flip-ups. We have frames that fit onto helmets, hard hats, and bump caps to provide protection even when there are no other glasses in use. These styles also work for people who wear prescription frames. This makes them a great choice for companies who want to provide protection for everyone without the need for custom solutions.There are also solutions for jobs that don’t require protective headwear, though they sometimes require creativity. Try wearing a headband that has enough stiffness to support the clip-on mechanism for a lightweight holder for these glasses. Alternatively, wear a pair of cheap non-prescription glasses and clip these to that frame. This will prevent you from having to constantly take glasses off and put them on again, and thereby save you from having to buy new ones all the time.What Dangers do Clip-On Flip-Ups Protect Against?Most of our styles are made to protect you from the light from molten metal, welding, glassworking, and other bright operations. We offer multiple lens colors so that you can tailor the protection to the type of light exposure expected. Each color works best against a particular band of light wavelengths, so it’s important to choose the best one for the task at hand.Are There Any Limitations to Clip-On Flip-Up Safety Glasses?There are just a few limitations that to be kept in mind: Most styles do not protect against exposure from the side. Therefore, additional side panels will need to be added if this type of danger is expected. When all exposure will be coming from in front of the wearer, the flip-ups alone will usually do the job. Most companies have policies that say whether or not you will need to add side panels, which fit on the temples of standard glasses. If your business has no stated policy and you don’t know which type to choose, feel free to ask us for advice. We’ll be happy to help.To learn more about clip-on flip-up glasses for welding, metalworking, glassworking and other jobs that involve exposure to bright light, just contact us. We’ll be glad to suggest comfortable, effective solutions for your specific needs.

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