Post: Why Radiation Safety Glasses Are So Important For Medical Professionals

Why Radiation Safety Glasses Are So Important For Medical Professionals

While you won’t likely need to wear radiation safety glasses if you are a pediatrician or general physician, there are others in the medical field who will need protective eye wear to prevent any damage to their eyes. As an example, for those who work in radiology or who are routinely in an exam room, it is necessary to wear radiation safety glasses to preserve the health of their eyes and protect them from harmful radiation. Without this safety eye wear, not only are medical professionals putting their eye health at significant risk, they will hurt their ability to do their job effectively and remain in the medical field for many more years to come. In this post, we will look at the importance of radiation safety glasses and, more importantly, why they are so important for certain medical professionals.

  1. You Want to Fully Protect Every Part of Yourself When Exposed to Radiation: If you worked in an exam room, it simply wouldn’t make sense to arm yourself with a protective apron, thyroid collar, and lead gloves and leave your eyes totally exposed. If you have to wear multiple protective pieces in a room where you will be exposed to radiation, you should absolutely be protecting your eyes along with the other parts of your body. After all, if your eyes are harmed while working, you are significantly increasing your chances of not being able to work in your field again when some of your most vital organs have been compromised. Go into work whenever you are exposed to radiation on a regular basis and work with complete comfort knowing you are protected entirely and not just partially.
  2. Radiation Safety Glasses Allow You to Work Without Distraction: It doesn’t matter what part of the medical field you work in, you understand that every aspect of it must be handled with finesse and incredible precision. You can’t afford to do something the wrong way as this could jeopardize the safety of the patients, your colleagues, and yourself. It is undeniable that you need an environment in which any distractions are substantially reduced or totally minimized. This includes any distractions related to your eyes and your vision. If you are exposed to radiation and you are aware of that and are not wearing anything protective on your eyes, it’s understandable that you would be distracted by the worrying thought that your eyes will be irreversibly damaged. Don’t let anxious ideas about the health of your eyes distract you. Instead, remedy this problem simply by wearing radiation safety glasses. When your eyes are protected, you won’t be distracted and endlessly concerned about their safety. And when your mind is free of anxiety, this will allow you to work with greater ease and exactness.
  3. Radiation Safety Glasses Aren’t Just For You: As stated above in the previous point, radiation safety glasses protect your eyes and allow you to work with greater precision and without distraction. All of these things are vital to not only keep you safe, but keep your patients safe as well. If ever there was a time that your safety or vision was compromised while working in an environment where there is radiation, it also immediately compromises the safety of your patients. This can easily be avoided by equipping yourself with the right safety gear, including safety eye wear. Something as simple as radiation safety glasses can make for a safer environment for everyone in a medical room where there is radiation.
  4. Radiation Safety Glasses Preserve Your Eye Health For Longer: Exposure to radiation is a well-documented issue in the medical field and many medical professionals have dealt with poor, long-term eye health because of their environment. Fortunately, medical professionals who are exposed to radiation on a routine basis no longer have to sacrifice the health of their eyes for their work. Radiation safety glasses are a simple, fast, and effective solution. The sooner you start wearing protective eye wear when working around radiation, the higher chances of having better eye health for the rest of your life. Those who work in radiation environments without safety glasses have an exponentially higher chance of having cataracts form in their eyes. Other serious risks caused by short-term and long-term exposure to radiation include skin cancer forming around the eyelids and other parts of the eye as well as macular degeneration.
  5. Eyes Are More Sensitive to Radiation Than You Might Have Realized: Being a medical professional who is routinely exposed to radiation, you’ve obviously already heard multiple times over of the importance of having protective eye wear as well as other forms of protection for the rest of your body. Interestingly, the brain is not as sensitive to radiation as many would think. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the eyes are extremely sensitive to radiation and are understandably very vulnerable to it. The eyes are so sensitive because of cells on the eye lenses and when these lenses are exposed to high volumes of radiation for long periods of time, it leads to a decrease in vision. Naturally, poor vision and bad eye health will take a toll on one’s ability to work optimally in any profession, particularly the medical field.

To learn more about the importance of proper eye wear when working in certain parts of the medical field or what other benefits radiation safety glasses have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have.

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