Post: What PPE to Wear During Fluoroscopy

What PPE to Wear During Fluoroscopy

Wondering what you need to wear to protect yourself from harmful x-rays?

What PPE to Wear During Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy exposes operating doctors to the harmful effects of x-ray radiation if they’re not protected. Protection for the majority of the body is simple; you just put on a leaded apron, thyroid collar, gloves, etc and get to work. But what PPE to wear during fluoroscopy can get tricky when you include eye protection.Because you’re so exposed to x-rays from your fluoroscope during procedures, it’s important to cover as much of your body as possible. This means wearing a leaded apron, leaded gloves, leaded thyroid collar, leaded glasses, and any other leaded apparel you have access to. The leaded eyewear should have 0.75mm Pb equivalency and should be made in your prescription if you wear glasses.If you’re wondering what PPE to wear during fluoroscopy, here’s what you should know:

  • Fluoroscopes emit harmful x-ray radiation, which builds up in your body over time after each exposure. Wearing leaded apparel will attenuate your exposure to this dangerous radiation.
  • The common PPE to wear during fluoroscopy is a leaded apron, a leaded thyroid collar, leaded gloves, and leaded glasses.
  • Leaded apparel other than glasses is easy to choose; you simply get a set that fits you.
  • Leaded eyewear is another story. You should always find leaded safety glasses that have at least 0.75mm Pb equivalency so that they attenuate x-rays at least as well as 0.75mm thick lead.
  • Our line of leaded apparel includes all of the above, including prescription leaded eyewear for those who wear glasses.

If you’re a doctor working in fluoroscopy, it’s important to ensure that you stay protected from repeated x-ray exposure.

X-ray exposure has been correlated with cataracts in fluoroscopy surgeons. If you are working in fluoroscopy and you don’t want to risk dealing with eye problems (which could lead to permanent injuries or disabilities), it’s a good idea to invest in leaded eyewear when you purchase the rest of your leaded apparel.Now that you know what PPE to wear during fluoroscopy, take a look at our selection online! Our store has everything you’ll require to protect yourself from harmful x-rays as you work.If you have any questions about leaded apparel, what PPE to wear during fluoroscopy, or what’s needed at your facility, please give us a call to speak with one of our staff experts or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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