Post: Radiation Safety Products for Interventional Cardiology

Radiation Safety Products for Interventional Cardiology

Need protection from x-rays around your department?

Interventional Cardiology and Radiation Safety Hazards

X-ray radiation is a dangerous hazard for people working in interventional cardiology, and proper safety equipment is essential in areas where exposure is possible.Radiation safety products for interventional cardiology include radiation safety glasses, lead aprons, lead gloves, x-ray mobile barriers, and other attenuating equipment. Various areas in interventional cardiology may require all, none, or some combination of these items.

Here are some of the radiation products for interventional cardiology that we supply:

  • Mobile leaded barriers: Our x-ray mobile barriers come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of any flouroscopy lab or other area where x-ray radiation is present throughout a room. The entire area of each barrier meets or exceeds 0.75mm Pb equivalency.
  • Radiation safety glasses: Our leaded glasses have optical-quality German leaded glass lenses with 0.75mm Pb equivalency and are available in prescription or non-prescription.
  • Lead apron racks: We fabricate lead apron, glove, and other clothing racks in-house using an expert team of skilled metalworkers.
  • Radiation safety windows: Our facility houses a full glass cutting and finishing area for creating custom windows and sheet glass using our optical-quality, defect-free leaded glass.
  • Lead aprons and gloves: If you need aprons, gloves, thyroid collars, or other radiation attenuating garments, contact our customer service department and we’ll get you what you need.

Radiation safety products for interventional cardiology are most often used to protect from x-rays emitted by a fluoroscope, but anybody requiring x-ray protection will likely find what they need in our selection.

Our full prescription optical lab and non-prescription eyewear assembly areas, manufacturing area, and glass finishing area allow us to supply radiation safety products for interventional cardiology that is manufactured and/or finished in the United States. We are proud to employ Americans creating quality products for Americans and international customers.If you’re looking for something special, we can design or procure many specialty radiation safety products for interventional cardiology. Leave a comment below or give us a call with those or any other questions.

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