Post: Radiation Safety Products for Interventional Cardiology

Radiation Safety Products for Interventional Cardiology


Interventional cardiology environments pose significant risks due to exposure to x-ray radiation. Safeguarding personnel is paramount, necessitating the use of appropriate radiation safety equipment. These products include radiation safety glasses, lead aprons, lead gloves, x-ray mobile barriers, and other attenuating gear, tailored to the specific requirements of different areas within interventional cardiology.

Here’s an overview of the radiation safety products we offer for interventional cardiology:

Our x-ray mobile barriers are available in diverse sizes and shapes, catering to the needs of various fluoroscopy labs and areas where x-ray radiation permeates the space. These barriers provide comprehensive protection, meeting or exceeding 0.75mm Pb equivalency standards.

Crafted with optical-quality German leaded glass lenses offering 0.75mm Pb equivalency, our leaded glasses are customizable in prescription or non-prescription options.

Utilizing skilled metalworkers, we fabricate lead apron, glove, and other clothing racks in-house, ensuring efficient storage and accessibility.

Equipped with a full glass cutting and finishing area, we produce custom windows and sheet glass using defect-free leaded glass, meeting stringent safety standards.

Our selection includes items such as Porta Shield, Lead aprons, Disposable Hats, and more, providing reliable protection for healthcare professionals, technicians, and individuals exposed to ionizing radiation.

While primarily employed to shield against x-rays emitted by fluoroscopes, our radiation safety products cater to a broad spectrum of radiation protection needs.

Manufactured and/or finished in the United States, our facilities encompass a full prescription optical lab, non-prescription eyewear assembly areas, and glass finishing area. This allows us to deliver high-quality radiation safety products, proudly made by American workers for both domestic and international customers.

For specialized requirements, we offer custom-designed or sourced specialty radiation safety products for interventional cardiology. Reach out to us via comment or call for any inquiries or special requests. Your safety is our priority.

If you still aren’t sure which products are right for you, it’s a good idea to give us a call at 1-866-575-1307 or talk to us through our chat or e-mail us at

Our experts will be able to tell you what you need for your application.


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