Post: Radiation Safety Glasses for Interventional Radiology: Finding the Right Eyewear for Imaging Specialists

Radiation Safety Glasses for Interventional Radiology: Finding the Right Eyewear for Imaging Specialists

Interventional radiology is an important field where the radiologist inserts imaging equipment into the body of a patient to scope out disease. It’s a minimally invasive process for the patient, though still potentially risky for the radiologist working with the technology.While you’ve perhaps heard some debate about interventional radiology needing to team up with radiation oncology, both are potentially risky careers if your workers don’t take proper precautions.Radiation safety glasses for interventional radiology is a must, despite being a slightly different procedure from working with normal radiology equipment. Also known as vascular or surgical radiology, the potential exposure to radiation can cause severe harm to your employees in more ways than one.One of the most harmful aspects is damaging eyesight. Even before interventional radiology became a procedure, many who worked with radiology equipment ruined their vision due to radiation exposure. It wasn’t really known until more recent decades that being around radiation could damage eyes. More specifically, it causes cataracts at a young age, which could quickly end the careers of your radiology team.Your interventional radiology staff needs complete protection because your patients benefit immensely from the expertise. Applying these technologies directly into the body frequently saves lives, and here’s how proper safety glasses from Phillips Safety Products makes this happen during each procedure.

Glasses for X-ray Fluoroscopy

This common technique in interventional radiology is important to scope out tumors and other illnesses within the body. Because it’s still x-ray equipment, your workers need not only reliable eyewear, but also ones that feel comfortable and look appealing.Considering your team may have to work with a patient up-close for hours, wearing an obstructive pair of safety glasses only leads to distractions. It’s uncomfortable for the radiologist, or it could cause anxiety for the patient.Natural-looking safety glasses are the answer, including fit-overs when your team wears prescriptive eyewear.Wraparounds are a favorite with many because they provide the utmost protection while frequently looking like real glasses. In addition, they provide real style so your workers can reflect their personalities while working. This includes choosing a personalized color.When you have to work within a budget, you can acquire economy frames that don’t skimp on being durable and give you superior, distortion-free lenses. The Model 70-PC is a good example of how comfortably normal these glasses look and feel.

Glasses for Ultrasounds

Working with ultrasounds don’t involve quite as much radiation as x-rays, though you should still protect your workers at every level. Some of your workers might try to avoid wearing safety glasses, simply because they can’t find a pair properly fitting over their existing eyewear.Here at Phillips, we provide fit-over styles that work for your entire team of radiologists. At the moment, we offer the RG-33 for easy use and designed for either gender.

The RG-33 comes in different colors and frame styles, including black, tortoise, or white. It’s designed to fit over any type of glasses your employees wear. Even better, it fits over any head size, something other safety eyewear brands don’t often consider.

Glasses for CT Scans

Otherwise known as computed tomography, these scans can emit dangerous radiation when in proximity, so never allow radiologists around without proper eyewear.Many in your radiology team may want to wear goggles for more thorough protection. The problem with most goggle brands is they simply don’t feel comfortable, especially when having to place them over existing prescription glasses.No doubt you’ve seen few radiation goggles that look very appealing. As such, your workers may refuse to wear them when they’re essential for added protection.Through us, you can finally find good-looking goggles, as well as fitting over any existing glasses shape. To show you how attractive these goggles are, take a look at the Model RK2 with an elastic headband for a perfectly comfortable fit. At the same time, you get a large lens pocket so you get a maximal viewing area without obstructions.

It’s important to note the lead equivalency with these goggle lenses. The thickness level of the lenses is essential to properly shield them from radiation exposure. The RK2 and our Model 55 have .75mm lead equivalency for maximum shielding.

Glasses for MRI’s

Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in radiology and gives little radiation exposure to patients. For your radiologists, it’s a potentially different story in the interventional radiology field.You’ll want to find safety glasses keeping your radiologists comfortable throughout the day since MRI’s can take considerable time, depending on the imaging needed.Plastic and metal frames are available that help makes safety glasses feel lightweight rather than like a heavyweight on one’s face. Our plastic frames once again come in various styles and colors, including having rubberized soft grip temple bars to make them enjoyable to wear.Metal frames come in aviator style and are just as lightweight. They even come with side shields for added protection features. Along with stainless steel materials, you’ve assured these hold up for years without corrosion.

Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses

Radiologists in your facility are far too busy to keep taking their own glasses off to put on safety glasses. While fit-overs work is great, why not have a pair of safety glasses made with prescription lenses?Many of your team may have to work late, and wearing prescription safety eyewear lets them feel like they’re wearing their own glasses all day. They can even go out into the outside world and interact without anyone realizing these are stylish eyewear made to protect from radiation dangers.Contact us at Phillips Safety Products to find radiation safety glasses for your valued interventional radiology team.

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