Post: Radiation Safety Glasses: Finding The Best Frame Shape For Your Face

Radiation Safety Glasses: Finding The Best Frame Shape For Your Face

When you work with radiation, a necessary part of your safety gear will always be radiation safety glasses. But if you don’t wear glasses, it might be hard for you to decide what frame shape will work best for your face.Even though you need to wear radiation safety glasses to protect your eyes for your job, you don’t have to make compromises in terms of style. In fact, when you find the right type of frame, you can enhance your look rather than compromise it.

Fortunately, you will have a variety of styles to choose from. That, in turn, means that once you’ve determined what style of the frame would work well with your face, then you’ll be able to easily find a frame that you like. Regardless of your budget, a pair of glasses that are going to work well for you is easily found and purchased.The same truth also holds for your individual situation. Whether you need glasses to fit over regular glasses, or need a prescription pair, or simply need a pair of radiation safety glasses, the right type of frame exists for your individual needs. And the best part is that any frame you buy will provide your eyes with much-needed protection from harmful radiation, while at the same time giving you a comfortable fit for wearing your safety glasses even an entire day.Of course, to get to that point, you have to make sure that you actually choose glasses that benefit you. That means determining your face shape and finding a frame that is actually designed to be comfortable and stylish for that specific shape.

Determine Your Face Shape

Generally speaking, there are five different face shapes; round, oval, square, diamond, and heart-shaped. Of course, you can try to look in a mirror to determine how your face is shaped. One way to help you determine your face shape is to look at the sides of your face and your jawline.Heart: If you have a heart-shaped face, your face will be widest at the forehead and then continue to narrow until the jawline. You may even believe that your chin appears to be pointed when you possess this face shape.If you possess this shape of the head and you are looking for a great pair of radiation safety glasses that will help to balance out your face, while enhancing it at the same time you should consider the Nike Volano Radiation Glasses. You are able to pull off a larger shaped glasses, and these are just that.Oval: One way to find out whether you have an oval-shaped face is to look for hints that it is longer than it is wide. Usually, the face is also slightly wider at the top and tapers ever so slightly down the face to the chin.If your head is this shape, consider yourself lucky. It is generally considered to be the most versatile shape, meaning that almost any style of glasses will fit well. The only type you’ll want to avoid is a wide frame, which could accentuate the relatively narrow width of your face.Round: Round faces are relatively common, and they’re easy to spot. Typically, the width of your forehead, jawbone, and cheekbone will be equal, with relatively soft features through your entire face. In other words, the distance from the forehead to the jaw is roughly the same as ear to ear.To account for this common face shape, look to embrace geometric eyeglass frames where you can find them. They tend to elongate the appearance of your facial features, making them look more elegant in the process. Many of our wraparound frames, for instance, offer not just security and a tight fit but also this type of effect.Square: In terms of the distance between your jaw, cheekbone, and forehead, a square face tends to be similar to a round face. That said, the difference is the sharpness in facial features, with a less pointy chin and a strong, angular jawline.That jawline, of course, is what makes you a good fit for quite a variety of radiation safety glasses. Round and oval shapes tend to work especially well. Browse our selection of Nike frames for women to get an idea of the types of frames that look good with your face and accentuate your look.Diamond: A diamond face means that your face is widest at your cheekbones, while your jawline and forehead tend to have the same shape. As a result, the hairline tends to be narrow, the chin slightly pointed, and the cheeks relatively wide.

Of the five general types of face shapes mentioned here, a diamond shape is the rarest. However, that doesn’t mean you will necessarily have trouble finding the right eyewear for your needs. Avoid narrow frames, instead opting for top-heavy options such as our Quantum 88 Radiation Glasses.

Make no mistake: when it comes to radiation, safety should absolutely be your first priority. Before you worry about the shape of your glasses, you have to make sure that their quality is good enough to protect your eyes from any danger.But at the same time, it’s difficult to deny that style does play a role. Fortunately, your face shape can play a large role in determining which glasses work well for your individual face and situation. To find your perfect pair of radiation safety glasses for work, please contact us.

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