Post: Radiation Safety Glasses: Finding Durable and Stylish Eyewear for Laboratory Situations

Radiation Safety Glasses: Finding Durable and Stylish Eyewear for Laboratory Situations

Working in a laboratory with radiation usage might seem routine if you work with it every day, yet the risks continue being huge for your employees. While radiation safety glasses continue being used in many industries, too much of this eyewear still isn’t made durably enough. It’s not always possible to find stylish options either.Maybe you’ve had trouble finding good-looking radiation eyewear for your workers, despite complaints from them about aesthetic quality. Fortunately, it’s still possible to find stylish glasses for labs working with radiation.You’re going to need them in various lab settings. In each place, you’ll want to work with your employees to find a particular eyewear style best suits their environment.For some, this may mean working around fellow employees, or the public. Workers are going to want glasses that look attractive and comfortable for long days.Here are some options for numerous lab careers.

Working in Fluoroscopy Labs

As part of diagnostic radiology, fluoroscope labs are still the main setting for these careers. Over the last 20 years, though, fluoroscopic procedures have become more technically complex, requiring a longer exposure to radiation.Your workers may have prolonged exposure on a daily basis, requiring the best radiation protective eyewear you can find.With brands from Nike to our own at Phillips Safety Products, you’ll find just about any type of style needed for your work environment.For instance, those who do radiology on patients every day may want stylish wraparound styles in their protective eyewear. These are some of the most popular style choices for practical and aesthetic reasons.Many wraparounds are sleek and thin, allowing for complete comfort without feeling like a weight. Some models look like regular glasses, making them more appropriate when workers have to greet and talk with patients.Other pairs have specific designs for women to give a feminine appearance and a chance to stylize frames. You’ll find some wraparounds constructed with high-impact TR-90 nylon for the ultimate durability. At the same time, they come in distortion-free lenses, including unique frame colors. For women, especially, they’ll like the tortoise frame style option.Others come with a T-lock strip in the back for a more secure fit.

Working in Cath Labs

Catheterization laboratories use radiation due to diagnostic equipment used to image areas of the heart. If you work in an environment like this, it’s going to again mean working with patients and sometimes talking with them for long periods of time.Staff working in radiology frequently have to explain procedures in-depth to the patients. As such, wearing non-distracting eyewear is an essential part of the job to aid in face-to-face communication.Your employees are going to appreciate having other stylistic options with their eyewear beyond mere wraparounds. You’ll also be able to use fitover radiation glasses for a comfortable fit on top of existing prescription eyewear.

The above doesn’t have to look or feel uncomfortable since they come in fun color styles, including black, white, or tortoise. Best of all, it’s lightweight so you’re not adding more to an employee’s eyewear weight.

Or, they may prefer economy frames, which are always a good deal and often mimic the look of regular glasses. A number of these offer side shields for fuller lateral protection. Employees can find ones that are extremely comfortable thanks to unifit bridges and adjustable nose pads. With economy frames, you’ll even be able to find ones customizing to medium or large head sizes.Don’t forget about Nike’s radiation glasses as well, which add more style to your cath lab team. While we all know Nike makes great sports shoes and eyewear, they do the same with radiation glasses.They offer plastic, metal, wraparounds, retro, and two-toned styles. Plus, they provide eyewear especially for women to give them a specific style that’s feminine.

More Radiation Eyewear Styles to Use in Other Labs

Radiation use goes on beyond the medical field and into areas like academic applications, industrial sectors, and nuclear power plants. All of these places are prone to similar potential risks employees normally face when exposed to radiation in numerous forms.It could mean exposure to higher radiation than other labs. It’s why you need to seriously consider what type of radiation glasses your workers should wear. Similarly, you still want the heavy-duty glasses to reflect some level of personal style to avoid upholding lab worker stereotypes.Styles like metal frames give you some good ideas on bringing high-caliber durability without looking bulky. On top of it, they come in different lens shapes so workers can bring some individuality to their eyewear style. Many metal frames have nickel alloy materials for a lighter feel.When you need to use radiation goggles, they don’t have to look outrageously large on someone’s face. Fitover goggles come with soft foam on the inside coating so your workers won’t suffer in pain all day. Vented frames reduce lens fogging that otherwise might obscure vision during an important procedure.Other goggles look closer to actual glasses, including using neoprene foam on the inside to prevent splashing from sweat. Large lens pockets open up a maximum viewing area so they resemble ordinary eyewear.A highlight with quality goggles is the use of Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses so you’re sure you’re receiving full protection and not stuck with a cheap product.Contact us at Phillips Safety Products to learn more about our radiation eyewear and where you can use them.

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